Vote for the next subliminal


In what ratio are u playing these?


I would be vote for an update on the current subliminals, Ascension, Mogul, Primal, SS (I think the script of primal and SS are already in new dawn)… and finally, mixing all those into Emperor since emperor is a “do all” subliminal and will probably be the biggest sub (I would also add Social Intelligence in Emperor since social intelligence is one of the most important aspect of connecting with people)

Also, a new line of product could be hyper focused, short subliminal to unlock one aspect of yourself… they would be stacked with a major subliminal! Ex. Social intelligence, Anti-anxiety, gratefullness…

It could be a whole 10-15 minutes of subs dedicated to eradicate anxiety or to increase gratefullness for life even more!


Concur with Niels ideally a super charger for emperor.


Niles is asking to bring back the True Social project, or a more social version of Libertine.

BTW, help me understand Superchargers better.
The way I see it, they are designed for State Empowerment - so they can be made for Activities.
Like: Libertine is for approaching & pickup, Legacy is for workouts, etc.

I fail to understand the requests for Mogul or Emperor Superchargers.

I’d understand if there was one for Sex - like a shortened Sex Mastery.

Or we can have upgrades to Beyond Limitless - one to boost solo creativity - like writing, painting, (inventing?), etc.;
another for “Social Creativity” (public performances) - like musical instrument, speech, singing, improv, acting, dancing, etc.

There can be Superchargers for financial Activities - like Trading, Networking, Cold Calling, Selling / Negotiating, Copywriting, et al.

I don’t think a request like “Supercharger for Mogul / Ascension / Emperor” gives the creators anything to work with.


I am thinking about a proscrastination/get to action subliminal/supercharger.Like an extra kick in the butt, could supercharge all the other subliminals, like to approach a girl, or start a business as in Emperor or AM


Announcements coming tomorrow. :wink:


I think it was mentioned multiple times what specifically people were thinking in terms of supercharging the financial side. Or was it that I was either noticing it or am projecting into what people said?

Mainly interested in supercharging for my unconscious to do these things in turbo mode:

  • ability to notice more possibilities to make money,
  • intuitive sense to go towards places, people and events that further financial goals and present financial possibilities (or just the luck aspect of this… which technically, is the same as inuitive sense),
  • inclination to take immediate action on those endeavors that bring in money, help with reasonable saving or further the cause.



A subliminal that focuses on Eye Contact and Gaze would be good too. After all they’re the windows to the soul, and knowing how to use one’s eyes in the seduction process makes things so much more efficient.


These requests would actually work better as scripting within a title. It’d be difficult to supercharge this, but I’ll look into it.


A Dance Weapon X would be great.


Maybe modular?

Dance Weapon X as basis, but e.g. Tango & baroque minuet might have different requirements.


I am afraid I would not handle Break Dance and Pop & Lock modules. :smiley:

It can be scripted to fit everything. The overlaying basic steps to learn anything are indifferent from the type of dance. :slight_smile:


Not sure about the steps.

A basic programm could surely improve feeling for your body, movement, rhythm, music & reacting to your dance partner and would help for every dance.

For everything else stack modules would be great. Hard to see that a general programm would work for very different dance cultures.


I doubt the makers are experts in the minutiae of different dance cultures, nor would they need to be. I think the sub provides a larger strategy and goal and puts the unconscious mind on task in working out the specific details for the person and their individual needs. I would figure a sub works less well if it is too specific and does not allow the individual’s own subconscious to work out the best path to play out a strategy.


Hey @SaintSovereign @Fire , will you be making a height increasing subliminal? with scripting like ensuring we do everything we can to make us taller, like stretching and good nutrition and sleep/rest. with the appropriate physical changes? if not publicly then can I have a custom subliminal made for increasing height?


and also scripting to open growth plates and undergoing puberty safely once again


What about real estate mastery. Since real estate investing is the most proven path to wealth building, and being a good agent has huge money possibilities. My 2 cents


ditto on that


Maybe stacking module? :slight_smile:


An ultra luck sublimilnal for gamblers. Winning more bets, Picking the right things to bet on. ETC.