Vote for the next subliminal


Imagination subliminal would be good for those like me who want to have vivid imaginations but have problems. Like I want to be able to imagine a cake in front of me and appreciate the colours,smell and taste of this imaginary cake …


I really think a sleep stacker should be there, no matter what sub I use it makes me think a lot and I can’t sleep it’s kinda annoying so I’d really like to run a loop or two of this before my stack


We’ll look into this. I have the same problem – I just take melatonin, hahaha.


What about the dreams supercharger?


Can’t take melatonin here it’s a prescription drug apparently and I’d rather have a small stack which makes it easier rather then using drugs


Haven’t tried it yet


Yes, in many countries in the world Melatonin is a prescription drug that needs a doctor’s request to be given.

A sleep Stacking Module would really be helpful to many people. Insomnia is something we all deal with frequently. A modern day epidemic.


That’s so odd to me. I’ve taken melatonin and valerian root for years. We’ll look into it. @Fire


That is odd to me too because i know they sell it in publix and target lol


Ok you’re definitely from FL lol


Lol wouldn’t make this name as my screen name if i wasn’t lol. I am from sunny hot south florida lol.


What about something for the ladies? Like breast enlargement…:eyes:


Is physically enhancing subliminal like grow taller or grow muscle possible?


So a lot of the romance/seduction line of subliminal are geared toward being dominant, alpha, a leader, seducer etc. Something I’d like to see produced is “Sigma”, a product more focused on coming into your own. Caring less about what others think, or achieving success and more into the core of who you are and aligning your actions with your purpose and what you actually need to be doing. As far as attraction goes it could be more focused on attracting women, and less focused on seducing women. That’s probably my biggest criticism or note that I would have on primal seduction/iron throne after months of use is that I find so much of my thoughts revolve around picking up girls literally 90% of my thinking is about game and women and I’ve gotten away from my core, and purpose. In doing that although I feel like I appear outwardly confidence, I lost a bit of my unshakeable confidence in who I am because I know I should be doing bigger things but all I’m focusing on is picking up girls. The sigma male puts his purpose first, be it travel or music, business, contributing to the world or whatever, and attracts through that. A big concept in game and attraction is “neediness” or the idea that one person will always need more than the other in an interaction. I feel like with Primal Seduction I’m so focused on pick up and seduction that even when I’m consciously ignoring girls or negging or whatever they know that I still want them or am trying to pick them up.


Isn’t that what Emperor literally does?

It is about becoming a Sigma male, focusing on building an empire and naturally attracting women without going out of your way to seduce them.


@Niles, that is exactly what Emperor is for. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

@AMASH, if you do realize that Khan is similarly about attracting, and not for chasing tail, why does your journal feel like that you’re measuring Khan on Primal Seduction standards?


Thank you for your input @Simon

I look forward to read all about it in your Journal.


@Simon this guy answers you about how chasing tail vs attracting, and how attracting is not what you think:


Personally, I appreciate the comparison, as it lets @Fire and I know how we’ve progressed in regards to our romance scripting. You can tailor your Khan experience to whatever you want – if he wants to build a seduction empire, Khan will allow that. If you want to build some other empire, Khan will allow you to do that too.

Let people walk their journeys the way they want, peeps.


Subliminal Club definitely needs its own version of Perfect Health where we can heal ourselves from head to toe. We cannot enjoy wealth, sex, relationships, success, or anything else without health. And health indeed is the ultimate wealth.