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You seem very desperate for it. If you have a medical issue please consult a doctor and don’t really on subs. Also if that’s the case take the following advice with a grain of salt but I decided to take cold showers every day for the last past two years. Before that, I got sick every winter at least twice. Since starting I DID NOT get sick anymore! Did not get fucking sick for the last two years.
You should try for yourself.


Raphael’s idea is good, completely appropriate for this thread, and not in any way desperate. I agree that a general healing script would be useful.

To a certain extent, I believe, Spartan is intended to maximize health, while two of the superchargers, The Elixir and The Legacy, are both intended to have a positive influence on physical health.


I wouldn’t mind something spiritual. And by that I mean something that aids meditation, chakra opening, kundalini awakening etc. All but the most dedicated rarely get more than 2 hours a day of meditation (including moving meditations like asana yoga, tai chi, qigong) in. I wonder if the reinforcing message of subs can help development in this area. And from what I can see, it’s the one topic that subclub lacks products for.

That said, I’ve also considered something regarding manifestation/law of attraction. I know manifestation is part of the subs, but having something dedicated to it (like attracting the ideal life partner, financial freedom or something like that) would be nice.


@friday - yeah. I do take cold showers everyday. And unfortunately there isn’t a cure in the medical field for what am facing and that’s why am seeking alternative help like this. And believe me I tried other things too.


@dorfmeister - thanks

  Ive noticed mogul has made me much more driven and energized for building a business and wealth success. However, when it comes to working at my desk all day with my laptop trying to make progress it just feels more scattered and inefficient than it could be. 

Might I suggest a subliminal that focuses on:

• business success and streamlinedness
• optimum networking skills
• mastery of organization and all digital devices

The ultimate business efficiency subliminal!


We are not meant to grind hard for hours on a computer. Try a pomodoro timer, set to 20 minutes intense work, 10 minutes break. Repeat. See how that goes for you.


It’s probably a daunting task to come up with a script to cure every medically incurable disease. Like from Coeliac disease to HIV to Psoriasis and everything outside and in between.


@Shogun - am sure it can be done. All we need is a something that can spark health in every organ and cell in the body. Am using Spartan so if there are any changes, will let you guys know


Yeah exercise and sufficient sleep help with cell regeneration. I’ve heard a lot of good things with OMAD diets too. If you’re not on OMAD, try it together with Spartan and exercise. It might help alleviate your condition.


@Shogun Will do. Have been on One Meal a Day for a couple of months. Lost some weight.


I would be interested in a sub that improve your love life and help you get a (great) long-term partner.


@DarkPhilosopher you mean like chakra or kundalini activation ?.


Any of the seduction/romance type subs will do this. Although many users use them for “game”, they are just as good for finding long term partners if that is what you seek


I always thought a subliminal that activates one’s pineal gland would be good.


I don’t fully agree. They may be used as such, but they are not “tailored” for. Which makes a pretty good difference given how scripting is important. Almost all these subs are based on sexual attraction. I agree it’s important in building a relationship but that doesn’t make everything.
I know not many people will support this suggestion as most users seem to be interested in gaming, but I think that’s relevant one.


Attraction is the foundation to any relationship. Seduction is the ground work. Yes, once there is attraction you will have to put in work. Do you want to have a rock solid relationship? Become the type of person who attracts many and then give yourself to just one. If your partner is fully aware that you have options but you consciously choose faithfulness, that is a level of trust and attraction that you can use to build a storybook relationship. The romance/seduction subs all have attraction and manifestation scripting, so beyond that it’s up to you to choose the path. I’m not entirely sure what you would want to be different in scripting for this new program.


Yeah but 10 000 x almost 0 is almost 0.
Past a point, you’re tired of only meeting the wrong persons.


I am unsure what you mean. How in 10,000 can you not find one? Are you unsatisfied with them? Are you unable to get them to commit? If you’re able to attract 10,000 but can’t find one to settle down, chances are there’s a very specific and completely different problem occurring.


Some ideas…

  1. Getting/Manifesting a fulfilling Long term relationship. There are many products here on Subclub for seduction and also by others. But not much focus on this. IMO There is a huge difference between deep and fulfilling relationship and PUA stuff. Totally different mindsets for which different scripting would be needed. So it would be good to have a product like this. LTR with all of its sugar and spice and everything nice…

  2. Physical Healing. Just like Regeneration is for emotional healing, there should be one for physical healing too. Something that generically enhances the ability of body and mind to restore the balance of physiological process, and increases body’s immunity and healing ability to get over various diseases. Specially chronic ones like Diabetes, Hypertension, Traumatic injuries etc.

  3. Generic Martial Arts enhancement.

  4. Generic Spiritual Practice enhancement. Deeper absorption, chakra opening, better chi cultivation, spiritual bliss etc. Kundalini might be dangerous.

  5. Speech Impairments. Stuttering etc

  6. Learning Impairments. Dyslexia, ADD etc

  7. Hair restoration

  8. May be some experimental get green eye/bigger breast stuff. For the science…:rofl: