Wasted money on so called self development bullshit


Most if the stuff I’ve come across have been fluff


Well its internet of course. It depends what you are looking. You can find 1-2 products in every category that if you follow them you should see results


one program I know isnt fluff is the landmark forum. its been around since 1973


Landmark is a kind of cult, becareful with that


I can understand someone perceiving it like that if they havent done it. It is all about understanding and working with your emotions and life thats leaves you more empowered for whatever you want to create. I did it with a large group of people, we all got something out of it, some more than others.


I have done The Forum twice. I found it useful for myself.

I would recommend it to the right sort of person.


What is this landmark?




Who is the right sort of person?


The person that is willing to give up his current self image for the sake of real transformation. After the course I realized that the degree that you benefit is in proportion to how much of your ego your willing to share and be vulnerable with. It takes guts


I wonder if a subliminal could instill the fundamental distinctions of The Forum. If so, that would be quite a compelling sub.




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[Mod Edit: No overtly dissing other companies, ya’ll]


As open as we are, it’s probably better if we don’t discuss other subliminal companies. Some of them see it as an invitation to start discussing us as well, and not everybody is as considerate as SubClub people are. :slight_smile:

Personally, meaning the not affiliated with SubClub part of me, I’d give mecharc an extra like for creativity though.


Okay, I see. Gotcha


I think most programs have certain holes in them and do not cover the whole picture. Landmark for example didn’t say that emotional intelligence is a fundamental prerequisite that would yield better results because a big part of it is ID’ing your emotions that come up in situations. It is also the biggest factor detearmining how much money you can earn in a hierarchy setting with multiple levels. I just found a neat book called emotional intelligence 2.0 for improving it directly. Also im not sure if daredevil includes aspects for increasing EQ.


Yeah, Landmark is not for everyone. I remember seeing naive people really get taken in by it, but when I asked them about the distinctions they seemed to have no understanding. They just loved the excitement of belonging to an inspiring group. Those are the people for whom it ends up being a cult.

I think it can function like a church or club or AA or team fandom for some. People love to be part of something. I think Landmark relies on those people for recruitment and to be the unpaid staff at the forums.

Landmark can be a cult but only for the type of person who wants to be in a cult. That is a big percentage of the population.


Well said. Just look at politics and parties.


I was thinking about how people are so worried about cults, but essentially the psychology of identifying with a church, politicial party, school, team, nation or club is a form of cultism to a lesser or greater degree depending on one’s level of loyalty to that group.

Ideologies and the groups spawned from them breed zealotry and the idea that critical thinking is no longer necessary as strict adherence to the ideology will provide answers and a proper course of action.