Wealth and Brainpower


My next custom will be centered around these 3 cores:

  1. Quantum Limitless ST4
  2. Limitless
  3. Mind’s Eye
  • thinking about adding Emperor Fitness ST1 Core for the Mastery aspect but we’ll see and im open for suggestions though

Purpose: Pure Learning


That is an interesting take, using health to aid in learning. I wonder what that would manifest.


I noticed i feel angry a lot often when listening to my custom. I think its time for a sub break


Is this in your custom?


Well that could be a number of things. You also have 2 big cores in your custom which i think quantum limitless stage 4 is probably one of the most dense subs out there to run plus it is a combo of the previous stages too. You also have terminus squared as a setting so maybe take the loops down a bit and have more rest days, you could also be experiencing reconciliation. It could be that you are seeing limits in your subconscious which atman and maybe the healing from QL stage 1 which is included in stage 4 i think is helping to break through which will take time and you will go through a whirlwind of emotions from.


I would try listening to 1 loop of rebirth and limit destroyer ultima every day or every other day to help the process of getting through those blocks or sanguine ultima to help with the reconciliation.


im following the official SC listening pattern for terminus squared subs. which i like because of the added flexibility and freedom. rest days are indeed important and saint was right because i noticed it works better, i feel im more receptive now to the sub compared to listening to it daily, it is indeed more sustainable and easy to be consistent in.

another thing i like about the listening pattern is that you don’t need to pound your subconscious mind with your custom to be more effective and i have more free time to listen to my old purchases (Emperor, Primal).


this really fits well with my wealth and brainpower sub

this will be my next wealth sub build:

1. Ascended Mogul Core
2. Emperor House of Medici Q Core
3. Mind's Eye Q Core
4. Limitless Core
5. Debt Annihilator
6. Dynasty
7. Marketweaver
8. Mastermind
9. Steadfast
10. Stronger
11. The Flow
12. The Spotlight
13. Trailblazer
14. Virtuoso di Matematica
15. Transcendental Connection
16. Joie De Vivre
19. Stress Displacement
20. Ultimate Writer


finally received my new wealth custom


wow the Joie De Vivre module is powerful this is my first time that im really enjoying my work and felt really happy. im usually the serious type.

the EGO ADSUM is legit. i find myself reminding to focus on the now… the actions i need to do now


Eager to see how these new modules go for you

Specifically Virtuoso Matematica and Spotlight and how interesting they are

Keep it up bud!


Reconciliation Rage is real. earlier after listening to the custom i just want to hit somebody.


Lmao I know the feeling


This sub sounds awesome!