Week #1 Conversation


I prepared a piece of paper like this:
Reference Number:

First Impression:



etc. Then I started listening to the audio


Updated it…

  1. That occurs at the very end of the track, not 13 minutes in, as @ExploringAstronaut mentioned. He never actually made it to that part.

  2. It doesn’t say on “the second page,” because the main part of the session may take multiple sheets of paper. The script simply says to get a clean sheet of paper so the user can create a cohesive image based off the session data. It also states that you should look over the (properly structured) session data to build that image.

Edit — here’s that part of the script: “Now, on a clean sheet of paper, write the reference number down on the top. Take a moment to look over the data you recorded. We’re going to attempt to create a cohesive image or idea of what you have viewed. You may draw multiple images. Focus on the target. We’ll begin in 30 seconds.“

  1. I’m really not trying to be mean, I’m just being firm about users following the instructions. That being said, had you finished the track, you would’ve heard the following from the “analysis” section at the very end:

“Keep in mind that your written descriptions are just as important as the drawings. If you wrote down descriptors that were very accurate, you were receiving good data. Over time, and with more practice you’ll be able to lower the signal to noise ratio and get clearer, more prominent images.”

So please people, with cherries on top — listen to the entire track. Eventually, it becomes easier as you’ll know what to expect.


Crawls back into dog house…


Ok, sorry. Next time I’ll listen to the complete track before I start.
At least now everybody else knows.


And winner by default because nobody else posted anything… Astronaut. Yay! :wink:

Disclaimer: I am not actually allowed to determine the winner. Or when the round officially ends. Just sayin’_


I think this is the only way I ever won at something.
Anyway, I hope Saint isn’t angry anymore. It was actually pretty fun but I was just too busy this week,
that I couldnt keep all the details of the challenge in mind.
I hope it continues


He needs feedback on the product and so far there’s not been a whole lot of it. That’s what’s so frustrating. How can we expect a better product if we don’t use the existing ones as they are meant to be used and provide feedback on our experience?

I didn’t make it any better by jumping to your defense while conveniently forgetting that you had stopped listening after 13 minutes. For someone with a selective eidetic memory that’s a really stupid mistake to make.

Anyhoot, final call remains with Saint. I just wish there were some more entries, so I would feel more confident to submit my own. As it stands, I’ll share it for feedback as soon as the image is revealed and my impression wasn’t too embarrassing.

One thing about your impression stands out to me though, maybe @RVconsultant could say something about that. It is my understanding that when you do a remote viewing session, you are not actually looking at the picture itself, but rather at the subject the picture represents. And yet you saw a picture in a frame.


op rv-skill level 9999999


I mean, yes, I understand that and it is absolutely right. I just think it maybe need a little bit more time.
Sorry for my English btw. I dont know why but Im far better in comprehending than in writing/speaking.
Will take care of that.


Hahaha – @ExploringAstronaut does win by default. We’ll do another week, and if we get the same participation, I’ll call off the contest. The blame lies solely with me. While we sold a ton of copies of Alchemist Supreme, most people aren’t using rvX yet. They’re either running Alchemist Core, or adding it to their stack. May need to give them a bit more time before restarting the challenge.


I apoligize; work has been hectic for me and life has sorta been crashing. But I did do a meditation last night so ima post it.


Anywho when I used the meditation it was rather soothing and I actually was enjoying myself. So the result of what I had looked like a hard brown cone of sorts with openings. They were like mountains with various looking caves. But I do plan to be more active with the guided meditation after Tommorow.


Well uh uh… I got the colors right!

On a more serious note, I think I begin to understand how this works. Its hard to explain but it looks like I got pretty close but somehow “I” interpreted it as a nature-scene. Which doesnt surprise me, since I like nature more than buildings after all.
This is pretty interesting I think


I wanted to comment on this. Writing down the statement for the RV session is a change from the “official” protocols. The original protocol (as allegedly taught by Ingo Swann) was to write down Physical Inclemencies and Advanced Visuals before a session. Physical Inclemencies would be any distractions you might have in your body or mind such as nervousness, hunger, fatigue, etc. Advanced Visuals would be thoughts you had about the target before you start. So if before you start your session you think the target was the Empire State Building, you wrote Empire State Building as an Advanced Visual.

I started to think about the idea of focusing on what you want.

If I want accurate data, then I should probably focus on that rather than on distractions or potential erroneous ideas.

Assuming that Physical Inclemencies and Advanced Visuals were part of Ingo’s official protocol, I’m sure Ingo had very logical reasons for doing what he did. However I’m thinking we can develop an even better protocol, and still be thankful for our predecessors’ innovations.


Sounds like Monroe’s Energy Conversion Box. A place to store all distractions and limiting beliefs for the duration of the meditation.



Thank you for that input!

And how relevant! From what I understand, the RV program was aware of Monroe’s work. If I remember a background story correctly…

Apparently potential recruits for the RV program were sent to the Monroe Institute to go through different “stages” of their program. Although there were a number of ways they apparently screened potential recruits, if they liked the experiences at the Monroe Institute and “wanted more”, they were considered as good candidates for the RV program.

Now apparently the Russians/Soviets were watching the Monroe Institute, and began to wonder if Robert Monroe was the manager of these intelligence officer. (Somehow they knew who some of the intelligence officers were.) So the Russian/Soviet RV program began trying to disrupt Monroe’s sleep, which apparently was working.