Week #2 Conversation


@SaintSovereign @DarkPhilosopher

A number of these thoughts are in the direction I was thinking about when I was offline.

I think there are some reflexive mental processes we do that are very beneficial in certain areas of life, but not for RV. I’d rather be vague for now, and keep it at that. But these discussions as well as seeing the results of the sessions have been helping me form more ideas about what else might be improved, as well as reconceptualizing the reasons RV works or doesn’t.

As for “AOL”, it could be. I would wonder if it might be an Advanced Visual, as well. If the image is before you start, it would be considered Advance Visuals. If it’s during session, it’s AOL. So yes, Saint, you are on the right track. I’ll also add I’ve been reconceptualizing what AOL is.

Again, it’s these discussions that are helping me re-think the RV process in what I think is a useful direction. Thank you all for participating!


I’ve been thinking about the retroinfluence and I’m thinking it’s possible to use it to all of our advantage. I think @DarkPhilosopher has a good point, and I still think posting the results will be important. @SaintSovereign has been selecting EXCELLENT training targets. They look like ones I would have selected. He’s also right that it’s important to take action when it comes to remote viewing, or anything.

Ingo Swann cryptically mentioned in one of his books something such as any movement you make produces energy. Could this be why some magic spells might allegedly have certain motions to do? Could it be that the motions build up energy to make the spell work? Could the motion of writing things down give the energy needed to get the results in remote viewing? I don’t know, but I’m starting to re-think some things about remote viewing.

Please, whatever your reasons are for delaying or not doing the sessions, I would encourage you to do the sessions. I would also encourage you to post them where Saint says to post them.


Hi, just wanted to post my thoughts on the topic.
I read RVconsultant’s post and as strangely as it may sound, these thoughts never came to mind when I did a session or thought about it.
Now I could go into detailed reasons why I dont have this anxiety or this one not but that is not the point.
Actually, I viewed it all more like a game of some sort. It was fun.
And who cares who wins at a game as long as it is fun?
Apart from that, I dont think anybody would expect you to be perfect when you do something literally for the first time. So… I just dont take it too seriously and view it as a fun game and a way to explore how everything is possible.

About the postpone-thing. That’s true I have to admit but I know Ill do it tomorrow. I turned this game into some sort of reward Id get if I finish the work first.



Thank you for your comments! Ed Dames likes to say, “Stop caring. When remote viewing, just don’t care about the target. Stop caring if you are getting it right.” A similar sentiment I’ve heard from Paul Smith, also. I think this is the “detach from outcome” perspective. Yes if you think about this as a game or fun, great!

It is in a way! Something called a target appears to be playing hide and seek with your subconscious.

I really mean it when I say the main reason I want results of your sessions is to gather ideas to improve remote viewing. I promise, I’m not laughing or judging or anything like that when I look at your sessions. I’m thinking things such as “what can I learn from this” and “what processes are occurring”.

One of the reasons I sought out Subliminal Club was to improve my own remote viewing. I want others’ results to improve as well. As Ingo said in one of his books, to paraphrase, that the ability to predict is power. So I think if I know more and more about the future, life, the universe, myself, etc., then I have more power. Power in my own life, for my own life.

The other thing I will mention is that when Charles Tart was doing some ESP research in the 1970s, he would tell participants to show up when they felt ready to do it, even if it meant rescheduling an appointment. Although I would love to see the results soon after the reference numbers were posted, I understand wanting to doing the session when you feel ready, or have time, or feel at your best. I simply ask you to ask yourself if part of the reason you might be using for any delay might be from anxiety or apprehension or fear of failure (getting it wrong) or something like that. Again, I say this all as just matter of fact, without criticism or judgment.

So the way I think about it is that if you want more fun and power, I encourage you to do your sessions and post them when/where Saint says to.


@Pwnie21 Let’s not frustrate Saint any more than absolutely necessary. :wink:

Please post the entirety of your session. Preferably a picture of your sheet(s) with drawing and writing and the all-important vertical line, but at very least a picture of what you drew and a written copy of every aspect as you filled it in during your session. So colors, sounds, textures, height, movement. Everything you drew and wrote to get to the end in the order you did it.

That not only shows you followed the instructions, but also which parts came easy, which parts were harder and so on. If they are going to make improvements, they need your process as well as the end result.


Just finished the session. Posting in a few minutes


Posted. I doubt that this is the actual target, I think
it is more about the shapes.


Wow, those pictures are detailed. Love the question section, all the N’s and Y’s. :slight_smile:

My experience was quite different. I started out seeing a circle. Things went fine when describing it. Then at some point the inevitable happened and the image of a volcano snapped into place right before the questions started. At that point I got nothing anymore.

As a matter of fact, I became super-angry at her. The constant reminders to touch the picture and to focus on the target made me want to do something awful. I actually had to skip through to the end of the session, that’s how bad it was.

So in the end I probably got crap… again. Sigh…

PS. Technically, since Pwnie’s submission is incomplete and I disqualified myself by not listening to the entire session, you win again. That Emperor is doing some crazy money manifesting there. :wink:


Don’t be so sure — I reached out to a few people that have emailed me their results and I asked them to post it.


As requested, one piece of art nouveau.


Okay, I’m voting for DarkEmpress. She shares my name and she’s a Xena fan. Not to mention she lives in an oven. Oh wait, we don’t get to vote?


Whats really interesting here is that we all got the same shapes. Circles and cylindars.
Tower of Pisa?


Congrats @DarkEmpress!


lol, she hasn’t won yet. Still waiting on @RVconsultant’s input. You did a good job too. Clearly picked up on the gestalts.


Oh. Thanks.
I just thought she got pretty close.
Apart from that I think this session validates my assumption, that my subconscious doesnt like buildings.
Which is actually true. Its not that I hate buildings but … I like natural things more.
So I guess my mind takes the shape of the building and presents it in another way. This is truly fascinating (Im pretty sure I said this before)



I understand it might feel annoying or angering to hear something over and over again. That repetition is intentional. If I woke you in the middle of your deepest sleep and said “When you RV, what is your sole objective” you would say “Focus on the target”. I want you to get it so far in your subconscious, it is in there permanently and absolutely. I want it to be there like that thought was there in your mind before you were even conceived.

I want it to be completely automatic, instinctive, and reflexive. When you RV, you only focus on the target.

If you are remote viewing and you are alone, and suddenly a hobogoblin teleports into your room and starts hitting you on the head with a giant, freshly-baked, extra delicious +3 croissant made with real butter. And I say “What do you do?” Your only thought and response is: “Focus on the target”.



I have an assignment for you. In the section you wrote N, Y, N, etc… Would you please go back to the audio and write down the adjectives? So if she said “Is it tall?” and you wrote “Y”… would you please instead write “tall”, and then post that update?

Also did you think that section goes too fast to write the adjectives? Do you think there should be more pauses in the audio? Please give your input.


@ExploringAstronaut and @SaintSovereign

In all fairness to @ExploringAstronaut

Perhaps at some point re-do the script with the instructions “Write the adjective, even if there is a yes or no question. Remember make sure you write the data or adjective.”



I just want to say that if a hobogoblin (homeless hobgoblin?) teleports into my room and starts hitting me on the head with a giant, freshly-baked, extra delicious +3 croissant made with real butter, while you are also in my room for some mysterious reason asking me questions, I would prefer to focus on the minor apocalypse that’s going on in my room and check if I closed the front door.

Just saying. :wink:


Alright, I can do that. First yes, I thought those are supposed to be yes/no questions since she just asked “Is it A?” “Is it b?” etc. and I found it to be a good technqiue to specify the details. Some words I didnt know because they were very special. I listened to the sessions before and I could figure out the meaning of some of them but others I couldnt even write because I didnt understand the word.
The questions itself were simple enough for the amount of time (10 seconds, I guess) but if I’d have to go into detail, the timeframe would probably be too short.
Especially if you get data in and at the same time she asks you something and you have to answer the question. Thats why I kept it as short as possible, so I could concentrate on the incoming data.