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This one, since the changes were never reported :-\ …


With either Q or Ultima can you listen to half the program and expose yourself to the entirety of the scripting? With some titles in the beginning, and now especially with Ultima I find myself to get overexposure after half an hour. I’d rather have a balanced, steady-growth approach to the scripts, so it would be logical to listen until half-way of the audiofile if that’ll still expose me to the totality of scripting.


-how to best utilize each sub? Like for ascended mogul, emperor, Medici, EOG. -also specific and general instructions for each different stage for the multi stage Subliminals would be nice. Also even resources that would be helpful and you could attach affiliate links to them we wouldn’t mind.


Possibly Action suggestions for each subliminal
like a clear real world directions that will support the subliminal’s goals
or things to look out to log results and build the pathway of manifestation wider
this may seem obvious but you never know


This most definitly


what self respecting subliminal store don’t have a dick grow sub??


@meyer, the Q store does have that as Male Enhancement. Unless you were joking? :slight_smile:


i’m serious
but 100$ is too much for smth that might not work
35$ i can take it or leave it
hope they make a major program of it


@meyer - there are plans to make a Seduction subliminal with Male Enhancement in it. It will be 35 then.


sorry, this is just such a hilarious way of putting it to me :joy:


I know exactly what you mean. Just like that guy who called the module “Biggus Dickus”


Can we get clarification on using Emperor before using Ascension or Ascended mogul.
Is there a recommendation to ‘run up the ladder’ ? Will the goals of Emperor take longer without running the other two ? etc…
It’s been stated and suggested, not by any official sources, that unless one is already an ‘Ascended Mogul’ or has a successful business, or in some cases is near the top of the food chain in their organization, the value in running it is lower and one will just deal with more reconciliation. I can certainly see some potential truth to that. Would love a more official perspective on this,
as I’ve seen questions on which to run, Ascension, Ascended Mogul, Emperor come up fairly frequently


How many Q subs can we stack?
how many customs can we stack?
Is it all based on what we ‘feel’ we can handle,
if there’s reconciliation maybe we are deluding ourselves?
(obviously I’m speaking for myself as well :slight_smile: )


Bruh. Hahahahaha.


How do you tell differences between overuse and reconciliation?

Should a person choose a sub based on what they want to be or what suites their current personality more? Like does the latter yield results quicker? ie if a person is more introverted, would the “lone wolf” style of emperor be a better choice for them even if they desire the traits of starkQ instead?


That wasn’t me at least :sweat_smile:


What is better running an ultima before the core, or vice versa?

I have been running the Ultima last, core first… But I was thinking this might not be a universal solution. I was thinking that maybe BLU would be better to run first. In the case of LibU it is obviously better to run last.

So a specific use case and benefits for using every specific Ultima first vs last, would be good to know.


Brother, you constantly asking this yourself is possibly reconciliation on it self. If you we’re so happy with your results, you wouldn’t even think about switching. I have realized that reconciliation comes in levels as well, it builds up, you might not even be able to notice a tiny bit of reconciliation but then over time it builds up on which a person crashes and completely loses sight over the future, his stack, his goals, etc.

This a question none can logically answer. Remember subliminal’s are working on the unconscious part of the brain which is highly subjective. So indeed the best way to determine is to make a personal inquiry, and each person only knows himself the best. Try and feel it out, that’s what I do and I had great success with it.

8 months ago, I first came into contact with subliminal’s here on Subliminal Club, that time I didn’t know anything on how to run them, let’s just say I was all over the place. Now through time, reading the forums and doing research on subliminal’s (Knowledge), added with my own Experience, I gained some Wisdom about them, Wisdom that I try to pass onto others so that they don’t have to go to the trial & error themselves.


I am happy with many things and uncertain, not necessarily un-happy, about some, in regards to my sub use. When I look at what’s changed and I’ve accomplished I’m happy, when I look at what I have yet to do/ resolve/ transform -I question.

I go through periods of thinking I have the perfect choices for myself and periods of questioning it.
That could indeed be reconciliation built over time.

I also have a huge commitment, that may have reactivity or concern woven in as well as intention, around what I seek to accomplish and in what time frame.

I also am willing to question what I assume as true when people who have more experience or knowledge on a subject suggests certain things and it resonates.

I was personally looking for an answer on the first quote

the second one was more for general feedback on this

I have asked questions in the past that when I understood the context I was in–i.e. that’s reconciliation/ push through the loops or in some cases lower the loops it’s helped tremendously.

I appreciate what your saying here though, thank you.


Unless you’re incredibly deficient in that area I don’t quite understand the desire for bigger or huge junk but whatever