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Then again it could also be me showing my age or nihilism because I don’t get or understand a lot of the things people consider a priority or choose to focus on. Yet I can’t say much without feeling like more than a bit of a hypocrite because I wasted probably half or more of my life chasing women or other external things believing that they would complete me somehow and then I could live happily ever after.Talk about magical or very delusional thinking. Yeah it doesn’t work that way. I still detest the phrase " work on yourself " because it conjures images and feelings of potential narcissism. My morning philosophical rambling for you all


That’s me!


I think the same way and I don’t believe it’s your age showing. I think it’s a combination of not being deficient on that front and being married. As a married guy, I could care less…when you are showing your dick to a new chick every weekend, then you may find yourself in a situation of being compared with others and coming out “short” (literally). On the other hand, if I show up one day with a larger dick, my wife will be asking too many questions I don’t want to answer


1 Is it sub like chorus where each module/singer singing his script/lyrics at same time ? do we hear every module at same level - evenly?
2 can we ignore one module and happily follow other one instructions? what is average utilization of sub script or modules ?
3 is it any specific sub that can ensure every module in Normal sub or Custom sub will be processed and fully mined (BLU?, LDU?) ?

I guess all three question are just one from other sides


How does/would terminus change the manifestation effect compared to Q.

When will IC receive terminus since this sub involves manifestation.


Strategies for subliminal program progressions.

Simple checklists for determining readiness to work with different programs (i.e. ‘if at least 5 out of the following 10 items are true for you, then you are probably ready to profitably work with Ecstasy of Gold’…and so on)


Hi! did the stacking reccomendation instructions get updated? @SaintSovereign


I am using two customs and ultima beyond and libertine. For the ultima titles what is better? Listening one each day? Listening both in the same day and take two days off after 5 days? Or it is not recommended to listen two ultimas?


Soon, working on the article whenever I get time.


Wait for the stacking / stack rotation article, but you’ll need to alternate days. Using all that in one day might be a bit too much.


Don’t know if this falls under reconciliation but I’m horrible at gauging how much exposure I need. Meaning I’m always either not listening enough or listening too much. I find it very hard to find the sweet spot because I push myself too hard for my own limits. Having said that sometimes I don’t push enough either.

I guess my question would be. How do you accurately gauge how much more you have to up the exposure without going overboard? I followed procedures for starting at one loop and going up by a week. But I hit a point where I don’t know if I should press on and force myself or back off. The lines between overdoing it or reconciliation acting as a way to get me to decrease loops are very blurred.


@elementary_vision How many loops are you at now for one subliminal?


I was at 2 this past week. Bumping it to 3 this coming week. I’ve only done that once and I wasn’t persistent enough/gave into reconciliation so I want to see how far I can go time wise at 3 loops.


@elementary_vision :slight_smile:


Do a subliminal washout for a week, then continue!


Here’s another one:

Recommendations for the use of Mosaic. It’s kind of a unique, ‘meta’ sort of module. By itself, it would seen that it basically does nothing. Its power is all about how it affects other modules or programs.

(Though that actually might but be true at all. Maybe it also blends and harmonizes all of the various parts of your thoughts and intentions, beyond just subliminals).

Basically, I’d like to know: under what conditions is the use of Mosaic strongly indicated. And if you’re running several programs together, is including Mosaic in ONE of those programs enough to create harmony between all of them?

What I’ve thought is:

  1. if 2 or more programs are being used together and you want the effects to be synergistic, then put Mosaic (into each of them?)

  2. if you build one custom subliminal that is internally significantly heterogeneous, then include Mosaic so that all of the modules play nicely together


Something big coming this weekend?


It is coming…


¿ When, if ever, should a person not use a particular subliminal program?


were getting an article on general stacking with recommendations
what about stacking Terminus and regular together
and/or terminus and Q 20 module customs