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When will @SaintSovereign bless us with an appearance and wisdom?


I wonder if you could speak more about how enhancement modules work in the subs. I notice people talking in the forums about how they think Mosaic or Deus or Blue Skies is essential to any successful custom build.

I am figuring that if anything were truly essential for a good custom build you would have already included it in the essential Q script that goes into every custom.

Can you speak to this?



The Essential Q Core does contain light results enhancement, as well as the scripting to “bind” everything together. That being said, we couldn’t make it TOO long, because that would limit how many modules you could include in your custom. It’s already 30+ pages and could serve as it’s own script.

Also, certain people don’t manifest as easily as others. I’m actually pretty good at consciously guiding a subliminal, so I don’t really use results enhancers in my customs. Those who are new to mental alchemy (or those who lack consistency), however, will benefit greatly from this. So, I don’t know if I’d call them “essential,” but they DEFINITELY help.


How many loops per day will influence manifestation time of each title, recommended loops depending on the script complexity/length etc.

This question was inspired by HOM “up to one year” to fully manifest. If this is the longest title to manifest, it would be important to get the correct daily loops.


How is “Manipulus” related to “Power Can Corrupt”?


Been wondering this myself and whether it’s okay to drop the former if the latter is included in a build.


Yes, that has been my question, too.


Here’s a question:

For a person who grows accustomed to Terminus2 tracks, do standard Q build tracks become similar to stacking modules/programs? (due to their relatively lower density)


how to stack
Q solo
Q’s with Terminus
Q’ with multiple Terminus
Q and Terminus custom vs. regular stacking
adding Ultima to all the above

I’m finding my own rhythm to great effect but would LOVE some official recommendations on this. Just cause I’m getting/experiencing results doesn’t mean I’m getting that best results if I did something smarter.

I know, I know Stack Article :slight_smile: I’m more excited about that then any other goodies down the line right now.


Imagine how fast your brain must process to consider a whole Q program just a stacking module. :open_mouth:


This is definitely a theoretical question, just to be clear. I’m not aware of anyone who is experiencing this.

(Felt the need to emphasize this point. Sometimes the enthusiasm on the discussion forum leads things to get a little rumor-happy.)