What are the criteria for choosing between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared?


To add to this, I must say I am currently doing a subliminal washout. It is around day 5-7 and I feel absolutely amazing. The results are so profound that I am considering not going for a custom just now or at least change some modules… It seems like taking loooong rest days every 3 weeks for around 1 week to be extremely powerful and profound, especially with Terminus.

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I noticed the rest day difference with Q as well…I think the mind processes on the off days…I do 3days on 1day off…


If you like to experiment prolong those rest day till one whole week and report back. The good stuff starts with day 3-4


So I can conclude that these subs are really dense…even Q


I have the exact same experience. I’ve taken a break for a week and it has been quite beneficial.


So you had time loops with Blue Skies?


I am going T2 in my next build as I feel that I have a very stubborn unconscious mind that needs something like T2 do drill deep down. I found Stark T the most effective product upto date and I was running 7 loops a day overnight.


@blackadder, I look forward to your results on T2. There are many with more stubborn subconscious minds than yours.


Present and accounted for, sir!


Myself included actually.

If we assume that the population that is using subliminals follows a normal distribution, then there are some users on one end of the curve who get extremely fast results and some at the other end who have lots of difficulties responding to subliminal audios for various reasons, including super-stubborn subconscious minds.


Think I may be counted in that number as well. Difficult to hypnotize, etc. But I imagine it may be trainable with time.

I’m getting reconciliation now running two Terminus build customs, so that must say something…

(oh, and also one Terminus2 program. This feels like about my limit. I took a rest day today and it appears to be mandatory with the current set-up.)


From my understanding, I dont think the subconscious can be stuborn in the sense of the word. Those that arent getting results as quickly as others may be because they have more negativity to re-program. Or they need to address another aspect(s) of their life first.


It’s not very accurate language, true; it might be more accurate to say, the gate between the conscious and subconscious levels of mind is not easily traversed.

Cerberus and Charon are especially vigilant. Or something like that.

I don’t see it as a flaw or defect. Just a different set-up.

There are places and uses in this world for both light- and heavy-sleepers.


Perhaps the word “stubborn” may not be the right word used.

I think it’s good to use the analogy of a doorman who guards access to the subconscious mind, which assumes everything that is fed to him as a fact.

We can see this doorman is the layer between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Almost everybody has a doorman guarding his subconscious mind.

Many people do not have full control over this doorman. Some doormen are very protective and do not easily let any external stimuli that they do not know get past them, while some doormen are so experienced that they know what stimuli is good for their owner…


Due to many bad experiences (e.g trauma), some people have a stricter doorman than others. And the older you get, the doorman also becomes more experienced and stubborn in terms of accepting new ideas.


That’s why I like going into a State Akin To Sleep :slightly_smiling_face:


That is when your doorman happens to be asleep…


I think one of the factors to take into consideration is the older you are the more difficult it might be to remove old beliefs. Someone in their 50 or 60s might have a much harder time removing old beliefs then the same person in their 20s.


Using our analogy further, reconciliation would be similar to a negotiation process with the doorman, who needs time to understand the new information he is being fed with.

He will give you a big headache if you pressure him too much and are too impatient with him.


Young people are more impressionable. Their minds are still forming. That is why kids are able to manifest things much more easily than the elderly.