What are the criteria for choosing between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared?


@King you hit the nail on the head that’s why I am so keen on T2. I think those members in their 40s and 50 might benefit greatly from this version.


Does anyone remember a famous hypnotist called Laura Giorgio who passed away years ago. She was creating subliminals back in 2009 and were fairly advanced for their time. They made you feel good for a short time but the results vanished very quickly. I think if this lady had lived alot longer she would have been well ahead of the subliminal producers today.


Yes, her website is still active and her hypnosis mp3s still available for purchase.

She has supraliminal audios apart from the subliminal audios.


I was sad when she passed away, she use to always answer my questions each time I mailed her and she took the time to answer them in great detail. I felt she was a genuine person with such a big heart.


I’m going to purchase another custom sometime tomorrow and will likely go with T2 for the build option as I not only will I be 52 this week ( July 1st ) but I very much want to purge myself off all the anxiety , negativity , weakness, shame , guilt, and any other unnecessary shit have cared about way too much for too long. I jokingly told my Wife that I want to become almost confidently apathetic


@JCast i think you are doing the right thing. People challenged me on why I am looking for results so quickly and I should be patient. My answer is yes i might be impatient but I am in my middle age and know longer 20 or 30 years old. I want to see results in months not years. Life is short being middle age !!.


We need a tester subliminal for Q, T and T².

On a conscious level, I am pretty stubborn when it comes to certain things. I can only imagine what that means when it comes to subliminals. Heck, Khan Q ST1 didn’t give nearly as drastic of a result as what others experienced when the Q update came out.

If I could test to know that I could benefit from T², then I’d get a custom at that level.


Possibly. But when I was 17, I paid a hypnotherapist to work with me and I was not very suggestible then either.

And older people are among those who are successfully hypnotized by stage hypnotists. Also there are many older people skilled in self-hypnosis and trance meditation.

So if age is one of the factors, it may not be the most important one.


Mind’s Eye comes with T2. The “tester” sub idea isn’t feasible, as it’d have to be a full size major title for you to accurately gauge whether you can handle it. Also, just because you can handle one title doesn’t mean you can handle another.


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@Malkuth well it would make sense as we get older some of us become more open to new ideas outside the typical social norms that are followed by the majority of people.


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