What are the criteria for choosing between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared?


Imagine if SC released T3 ? it would be hell on earth.


I’d think only the guys that have prior exposure to subliminals and the advance guys would benefit from it. But it is something all of us can aspire to eventually run without major reconciliation.


Because my first custom is Q I am going to make the second one the same build as I plan to stack the two. Currently just going over the final list and what core I want in the second custom. Probably Limitless Q core or StarkQ Core. Possibly both I seriously debated Ascension Q as I am not really looking for any sort of celebrity thing. I just want to do what I need to do and be left alone. I am looking to make this custom geared towards letting shit go that gets in the way of productivity and accumulating money and wealth.


I may consider upgrading my custom stack to T with a few additional enhancements such as productivity unleashed.


Two points that I meant to bring up earlier:

  1. in lab studies of meditation subjects, subjectively-perceived depth of meditation often does not clearly correlate with the power of the meditation session as objectively measured by brain scans.

  2. teachers of magick that I’ve encountered repeatedly stress that while visual and other subjective perspectives are useful signs for those who experience them, they are not necessary to have good results. Instead what makes the most difference is something you could call commitment. like imaginal, emotional, mental commitment.

So, it’s important to untether your sense of Results from these experiences that we are cultivating.


How would one know if they have this commitment?


You’ve got it.


No, seriously. It’s not mysterious. It’s a genuine commitment to and investment in the intended outcome. A genuine desire and intention for it to happen. And that doesn’t mean like a constipated, oppressive commitment. It can feel fun and good. This is the Will that they love to talk about so much.

So, yeah.

You’ve got that.


I dont know how you’re able to tell I got it just by reading what my posts, but I rather believe you lol.


thereby proving the point. :sunglasses:


I think this is relevant to this thread:

T2 is definitely still experimental, hence the warning on the Q store. Terminus is stable, gives reliable and consistent results. - SaintSovereign


I don’t think of Terminus2 as simply being ‘more powerful’ in a straight-forward, linear sense. It is powerful. But it also seems to work differently.

Been working with Mind’s Eye Terminus2 in formal sessions three times a week since 24 May 2020. Once a day.

That adds up to 22 sessions by today (11 July 2020).

There have been no obvious disruptive reconciliation signs. But I found that my mind did start to process shadow-material (in the Jungian sense), significantly more. That adds support to the idea that it’s hitting deeper levels of mind.

I would love to understand this more. Hmm…the thing is that Mind’s Eye, itself, is a bit more of an abstract, rarefied title. It’s working directly with the Mind. What will be interesting, I think, is to take more concrete or external performance-focused titles such as, say, Emperor Fitness, Spartan, Boxing Mastery, Gaming Mastery, or even Sex Mastery and to see how the Terminus2 build seems to influence their impacts over time.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I love this title and my plan is to continue using it indefinitely. So that’s the bottom-line. I’m really interested, though, to hear of the Terminus2 experiences of others. Particularly those running more directly evaluable titles.


“Mind’s Eye also contains scripting to help you use your visualization abilities to predict the optimal outcome for any situation you experience. You will receive unending inspiration from your subconscious on how to improve upon your situation. You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations, etc.”

I have found this to be the hidden gem of Mind’s Eye, have you experienced it?

This is how I picked my customs-I felt like I could sense the results and experience I would get shifting with different choices.


Yes, I’ve actually experienced an explosion of ideas and possibilities in this time period. You’re right.