What does everyone think of this Ultimate Healing custom sub?


Main Cores

  • Ascension
  • Regeneration

Mandatory Modules

  • Blue Skies

  • Ares

  • Attachment Destroyer

  • Februus

  • I Am

  • New Beginnings

  • Energetic Development XI

  • The Architect

  • Deep Sleep

  • Deus

  • Joie de Vivre

  • Naturalizer

  • Omnidimensional

  • Spiritual Freedom

  • Sanguine

Optional & Depending on Needs and Desires

  • Rebirth

  • Unlimiter

  • Limit Destroyer

  • Information Releaser

  • Atman

  • Ego Adsum

  • Stress Displacement

  • Submodel Alpha

  • Pragya

  • Merger of Worlds

  • Love Without Attachment

  • Mosaïc

  • Inner Voice

  • Carpe Diem Ascended & Productivity Unleashed

  • Anti-Porn

  • Any of the manifestation modules

Alright, so let’s see. I’ve put together a list of Cores, Mandatory Modules and those who’re optional or so desired. It’s not really easy to make the ultimate subliminal that works for everyone as it’ll always be tailored to ones needs and desires and according the ones life circumstances.

The healing modules in itself, will heal you from all directions possible. You can leave out or add to as you want, I personally wouldn’t take a module that is not necessary.

While healing is important, I believe having a life purpose and a direction in life as well as building up your self-esteem, charisma, value, status and personality in general is evenly important – Ascension is the most appropriate Core to do this, furthermore it is all but dense and extremely powerful at what it does.

Changing your life and reality is healing in itself as you change your vibrations, you change the way you look at yourself and past traumatic experiences do not affect you anymore, you’ve grown beyond that and you see now that you’re a changed person. It’s really all about vibrations and frequencies when you come down to the niddy griddy. You simply cannot feel, think or act anything of a low vibration when in a high vibration, your outer reality shapes your inner reality and your inner reality shapes your outer reality. There’s a need to keep balance between healing, cleansing and letting go off what doesn’t suit you while building, creating and reinforcing a new personal self, this is exactly what the above mentioned Custom is about.

Isn’t changing your personality also healing? Yet it is indirectly, nonetheless very powerful, Ascension is really good at enhancing ones inner and outer power, and is really focused on changing your life’s direction.


Sure it does. You, for starters.

Actually, that’s the main extra-dimensional being I have in mind.

The great work begins with a large amount of grounding and protective work to enable you to proceed smoothly and well. It takes patience at the beginning but pays off as you move forward.

But no matter how thick your walls, the one force that will always be inside is …you. (Thanks, Yoda.)

This work, like all esoteric spiritual work, involves deconstructing, questioning, and reconstructing the foundations of your own perceptions and internal/external relationships to Everything. Like an astronaut leaving Earth’s gravity, you can expect many moments of disorientation, even when everything goes to plan.

(umm…beyond just ‘you’, the Great Work does involve interactions with a number of other interesting characters. Some choose to view them as literal people and ‘dudes running around’; some view them as archetypal, symbolic expressions of aspects of Nature or of one’s own mind. They don’t necessarily figure prominently in everyone’s journey. Just depends on how you’re ‘wired’, I guess. Anyway, I’m not very much involved in that Hermetic work right now. So that’s enough blabbing about it. You’ll see the same info in the books.)


I couldn’t agree more on this. Wealth, romance, whatever you please comes as a result of spirituality, not the other way around. People are caught up in the matrix, chasing materialism there whole life and forgetting there life purpose and divine mission. You don’t take any of those golden, shiny coins with you after death, just so you know they only thing you take with your is your soul-growth.

Wealth comes as a result from striving towards your life purpose, and by doing that you’ll be providing value to the people which will be returned to you in incredible amounts of abundance.


Thanks for your list!

I didnt choose:

Spiritual Freedom because I dont feel like life is bleak at all. After studying Neville’s work and the possibility of achieving my Lust At First Sight effect, I think life is fun as can be… That’s even before you send me those books on the Hermetic laws.

Ditto for Joie de Vivre and Sanguine. My outlook on life is pretty optimistic…

But I am going to consider the points you’ve made.


Yes, and as long as you use High Magick and work with Divine beings which are of higher frequency you’ll be pulled up and your vessel will become Divine just by your interaction with them.

Don’t mess with demons, always chose the Middle Path and you’ll be fine. And don’t do stupid things, always cast a circle when performing rituals.


Yes, me neither, but from what it seems the description really doesn’t do justice. Apparently it gives you profound realizations on how good it is to be alive. I believe we chose each modules based to much off of the scripts, while there executions might feel entirely different.

No shit, I’m waiting for Customer experiences and feedback until I create my own Custom. I’ve also been testing out different combinations of subliminal’s and how I feel about them. Furthermore, I’ve been investigating which subliminal contains which Modules to have a feel for them.


You’re the only one who knows what’s best for you. All I can do is give you insights on how to optimally strategize a subliminal according to your needs. Leave out Alchemist, Khan core and get Regeneration with Ascension and then add what you deem necessary.


There are lots of good points here.


Then what do you need healing for?


Obviously @Sirchiropractixalot can speak for himself, but I like to think of healing in more than just a pathology-oriented framework.

It seems like he’s planning to dig deeper. And when we dig deeper we encounter issues in need of integration.

That’s what healing’s about for me: Integration. Not just ‘fixing negative things’. That’s why I think his original idea can work. Alchemist is like the drill that’s digging beneath the surface and opening things up, and then Regeneration is helping with integrating and ‘de-trauma-ing’ what he finds. ‘Tilling the Soil’.

Hm…so many possible directions for this kind of thing. Intuition’s a very important resource.

Anyway. Hopefully all of this discussion gives your intuition some useful material to work with, so you can make a good decision.


The books you shared with me explain how to differentiate between High Magick and Low Magick, right?


I can see that, but what else can we use to make a decision?


To manifest the goals that should stem from this optimism in the corporeal plane. Like I think it’s very possible to manifest anything, but there are some concepts in my subconscious mind that are making it more difficult than it is.


Ascension is so OG I feel like dressing up as Snoop Dogg if I’m listening to it.


Ascension is underestimated largely.

Do your magick and your belief system will shatter.

No need to categorize the two to be honest, Magick is Magick and it always works if you get the hang of it. But to answer your question, the names of Low & High Magick derived from the division between Ceremonial Magick and Kitchen Witches, lol. Yet there’s no need to divide them as Ceremonial Magicians also use spells, and herbs or whatever. There’s no real difference besides High Magick working with energies higher then yourself, such as Angels, Planets, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine beings, Elemental’s, and so on. Low Magick uses your own energies or the energies which are at your level or lower, such as herbs, medicine, manifestation by thoughts and emotions of your own and so on.

High Magick enhances Low Magick such as manifestation of thoughts, healing by emotions, etc tremendously. Because High Magick works on cleaning the vessel to allow more light in the body.


In scripture, it says that "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."

How would we know if we are indeed working with Angels, Planets, Archangels etc as compared to dark forces masquerading as them?


It depends on the Magick you’re doing, invocations, evocations, banishings, anything like that you’ll be using symbols and Archangelic, Angelic, Planet names etc to call on them.

As for visionary work such as Enochian Magick, you won’t be doing that anytime soon and then again you can test your visions by using symbols, for example casting a certain symbol at your vision. Stick with what I sent you, later on you’ll understand. Don’t get into Grimoire Magick and perform shady rituals and spells or sigils, you won’t understand them anyway. Many experienced Wizards got fucked up psychologically, by performing Abramelin Magick trying to get control over Demons and so on. There’s no need for that and especially not at this time.


Is using symbols and names to call them foolproof though?


Can you elaborate please


Of course, don’t worry. Symbols are what they represent, and the intentions you use verifies the representation of the symbol.

Casting a circle will keep you safe from Archons.