What is Happiness?


Also important to note, there’s a whole bunch of animal psychology to happiness. It’s not all about pursuit of higher ideals. I guess we’ve already implied that in this thread. But the animal nature is no joke. Got to befriend it and make uneasy peace with it. (And don’t pretend it’s other than what it is.)


Don’t understand this.

Can primates experience happiness?

I somehow think they do.

Your comment makes me think more about “Primal”.


Well don’t forget that we’re primates too.

actually, that makes the question even more legitimate.

anyway, happiness is an imprecise term. We use it because it already existed when we were born. And it just seems to feel right. But it runs the gamut from a transitory state to a lasting trait to an attitude and beyond that even to a cognitive set or orientation. Our biologically close primate relatives can probably experience some of those and not others.


Seems like you’ll be happy if you are able to control your inner reality, which will be expressed in your outer reality.

Ever tried Emperor?


I somehow think cave-men must at least be easily contented with very simple stuff in life.


This one resonates with me a lot. And perhaps subliminal users who are already in a positive state before running subliminals have it much easier.

Those who are constantly in a “state of lack” or a “state of struggle” will have a harder time because the the subconscious mind is also in a “state of lack” or a “state of struggle”.

You can have one guy happy guy with the latest computer processing chip installed in his brain, and the other guy with a damaged, outdated, faulty computer chip installed in his brain

Who will succeed more with subliminals?

Again… the irony of it all.

P.S. Never been to business school but it is said that the ones who are admitted to the best business schools (e.g. Harvard) are the ones already with the education, experience and network in the first place.


The one who uses Rebirth Ultima. :blush:


True. But the adventurous cave-men got to fuck more women, and we’re the descendants of those discontented genes. :smile:

Hence, we’re fucked to repeat the cycle…

Even if it doesn’t lead to happiness, we still feel pushed to do it, because it’s in our DNA. :exploding_head:


If the world operates on a “survival of the fittest” model… then why are there are so many beta people in this world?:slight_smile:


Where is @hermit ? I thought he’d be here by now with some of his perspective? :grin:

@Hermit paging @Hermit


honestly i would say that i already have true happiness in my life, am content with everything i have, growth and self development is part of life cause how thing are life is a downward escalator if you not move/pushing hard enough then you can end up at the bottom.
goal, achievement, material stuff are all just addon nothing more, once the bell tones it all going to stay here so better you find inward happiness and be content with it, cant say how to find it, just know that am grateful for each and everyday even the bad ones
(sorry for the rant and talking about dark stuff)


So I guess you are running subliminals to be achieve inner happiness?


Nah it doesn’t really appeal to me. I have no desire to build an empire. Everything in western society that’s seen as the ideal to strive for I’m basically the inverse of that. Just don’t even want to be a part of it. I thought for the longest time I needed to build to it, but I’m realizing more and more lately I just really don’t give a shit about any of it. Not sure if that’s really just reconciliation on my part or if I’m realizing i was just told what would make me happy vs actually knowing what’s best for me.

If I could completely control my inner reality the outer would be even less of an important thing as far as what’s deemed “successful” in life. As long as I spend the majority of my life doing something I actually care about vs wasting it for someone else, I’m ok financially, and I’m in an environment that isn’t full of cuthroat manipulative snakes I’ll be good.


I’m pretty sympathetic/similar, but the difference for me is that I have no issue with calling that an Empire. (Semantics?)

To me, the sphere of my life, my experience, and my influence is my kingdom.

Within that sphere, I want Self-Determination: freedom and autonomy to live in line with my own vision; the capacity to contribute to and benefit others from my own nature and in line with my own Calling.

Maybe it’s more of a spiritual Emperor that I’m describing (and, of the Subliminal Club programs I have used thus far, I have found the best fit with Alchemist) but there’s an external component as well because no matter how easy-going, humble, and harmonizing one is, in maintaining one’s chosen lifestyle, there is still the need to negotiate with other human beings. Not necessarily to control them, but to control one’s own sphere.

Nature, in my observation, is not neat and tidy. Things don’t tend to come ‘individually-wrapped’. There’s always tons of bleed-over, overlap, and incursion. (Leave your home for 1 week with the doors and windows open. When you return, it will most likely–even after only a week–be a very different place. If other animals don’t directly change it, natural forces of entropy will.)

To stably maintain even a humble and peaceful life requires Will, Strength, and Ability. This seems inescapable.



and, fortuitously enough, there’s still an ‘I’ right there in the middle.



nope i already have it, just a part of my self development as a human being


You might want to discern the difference between happiness and joy first.


Thanks for the perspective. You raise a very good point. And I often forget that subclubs scripts aren’t entirely written in stone when it comes to how the subconscious integrates it.

Alchemist was an interest of mine a while back. I never got around to it. Perhaps I really needed to dig through my current insecurities before seeing how much of my goals were fueled by fear and a desire to justify my own self worth. I thought before going full on spiritual I had to at least master my immediate physical/grounded way of life. But I do wonder if maybe I should just build another custom with it. Something to ponder for myself. The goals of that program are very intangible but it seems like every single one of my goals have been as well because I don’t seem to operate in the headspace of how most of society is structured.

Or I could just be full of shit and running away from my initial choice with my custom. I don’t really know and I have trouble trusting my own instincts lately. So I’ll just continue this path I’ve started down.


Happiness for me right now is having peace of mind, being successful, being competent, being desired, liked, respected and loved. It’s an amalgamation of things that makes this life worth living, it’s being fulfilled and not feeling like I’m missing out on life.

This is a difficult question to answer, sometimes what makes us happy now could be trivial sometime later, or what’s trivial now is actually the hidden gem that’s just right under our noses.

Some of us likes the challenge, and some of us like to live a charmed life as if we had life’s cheat codes in an RPG game. In a way this is why I am drawn to subliminals, I would like to believe these are life’s cheat codes, if that makes any sense.