What podcasts do you guys listen to for growing ones masculinity?


stoicism is great but requires tremendous will power and restraint and considering all the available options in todays modern world, phew! quite a challenge.

stoicism was created for its time, i guess.


jordan peterson is weird. he sounds like an old woman.


Listen to his message in those videos not the sound of his voice. He directly talks about being a man child. I think those 2 videos are very powerful.
put the subtitles on and mute his voice lol


Agree on the https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28257707-the-subtle-art-of-not-giving-a-f-ck it helped me get a better perspective


Those are timeless principles. No matter whenever you live, and the process itself will make you a man.


This is really interesting. It seems my Mars is also in Pieces and what you describe in your post sounds just like me. I never really put much stake in astrology and thought of it as people limiting themselves with superstition. You’ve kind of blown my mind right now though.


This is crazy. I have it in Cancer and my two co-workers have it in Leo and in Virgo.

Descriptions are so freaking on point it is terrifying.

@Malkuth Do you maybe have any resources on how to maximize one’s masculinity depending on which sign you are?


Some people have written about this. I’ve read a few things on and off over the years.

I would say don’t go too nuts with it. There **are ** patterns to the way we develop and to our structures. Genetics and molecular biology, family systems theory, and many more; those are other frameworks that show us different perspectives on the same underlying principle.

But none of this is about determinism.

The winds on the ocean blow here and there in directions and in patterns.

Study them to get a bit more skillful at harnessing those winds (and surviving them), But in the end it is you who make the decision and set the course. That’s actually the whole purpose of studying it.

The most skillful sailors can use a south-blowing wind to sail northward. Crazy.

Anyway, I’ll see what I can dig up; and don’t forget about Google.


I remember how amazed I was reading the descriptions of my various details. It’s pretty mind-blowing. Same thing happened to me when I read a (proper) description of INFP for the first time. Or the enneagram type. Or my Clifton Strengths Finder strengths. Or the Highlands Abilities Battery results.

In each case, there was this feeling of ‘whaa…? How are you describing me so well without ever having met me?’ You’re right, man. It is crazy. haha.

I think there are some good Jung-inspired or Jungian-oriented books on psychological astrology. It’s been a LONG time since I read them in-depth. That means by this time there are probably great ones that I’ve not yet heard of. Pretty awesome stuff.


Yoyo Malkuth!

Been researching mars signs here and there and found out that Tom Bilyeu (founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory) and Gary Vaynerchuk both have their Mars in Cancer - just like me.

It’s so empowering to see what can be achieved with will and dedication to action and it really helped me take this mars descriptions as a starting point, rather than predetermination.

Just wanted to share : )


Anyone follow jocko this is brilliant, the guy radiate alpha


I was trying to remember the book that I read (a very long time ago) that I thought was pretty useful. Finally got it. It’s called Do It Yourself Astrology by Lyn Birkbeck. I read it 20 years ago. There must have been hundreds of books since then on this topic. But I found that one pretty useful. Maybe it’s in your library.



I’m kinda upset at the fact I just discovered Jocko not to long ago. his teachings are simple and straight forward but it’s the masculine energy in him that gives so much power to his words. He just oozes masculinity in energy, voice and body language


Yeah the way he comes across is very relaxed and so comfortable in his own skin, just pure alpha


@IcyDreaming have you heard of iron mind? his new program?


Do you know if he is on steroids? I am not accusing him in any way, just wondering because his physic is :fire:


he is real talk! no BS


Why do you think he is on steroids? He doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, ie a Dorian Yates mass monster, he actually looks like he has a boxers build, and boxers don’t take steroids as that would slow them down.