What sort of supplements do you take?


What do you think of Mind Lab Pro?


Both @friday and I are using Performance Lab and Mind Lab Pro and we are extremely fund of them, there are no products in comparison. I’d say Qualia Mind might be a substitute for Mind Lab Pro as a replacement for your ‘nootropic’, however, Mind Lab Pro enhances brain power through natural means, while Qualia Mind also use chemical compositions.

I know the power of human potential, hence I’m going for the natural and organic route.


I just received Performance Lab’s sleep product a few days ago, and it seems to be working really well.

Personally I found a nootropic called Neuro Stack from a smaller company (Akua Life). I find that more effective than Mind Lab Pro, but I guess it is up to individual preference.

I use some products from Dragon Herbs as well – really good stuff.


Raw carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and some fruit.

A lot, a lot, a lot… :slight_smile:


@mvargo, thank you for sharing, I’ll look into it. Never heard of that product, and personally, I experiment with anything I come across, at least if seems viable at a first impression. A little bit more expensive than Mind Lab Pro though, 70 dollars a month?


You only need to add raw meat (including fish), raw eggs, raw cheese and raw honey and you will gain strength and health with everyday.

Preferably you would juice the veg though


Yeah it is really pricey - I pay shipping to Europe, import fee and VAT (25 %) as well.

For me it is worth it. However, my cortisol spikes like crazy in the morning, and this is the only product that has really helped (combined with a supplement from Dragon Herbs). So if you don’t have that problem, it might not be worth it. However, I found that my mental clarity was slightly better than on Mind Lab Pro as well.