What would you be running now if you just started your SC adventure?


Yeah, even on the sales page it says dragon reborn seems tougher than ascension and emperor. That’s not a statement to be taken lightly.


Yea, that’s a little funny. In a way you can consider running a sub like Emperor to be a PREREQUISITE for DR.


Or not !!!


@JCast I don’t think you’ve run Emperor but at this point you’ve listened to a LOT of titles which have prepared you for DR.


Emperor for sure.


If I were brand-new, just starting out, I’d run Mogul. Alone.

At some point, probably about 6 weeks in, I’d phase in Executive Ultima.

At 3-ish months, I’d layer in Ascended Mogul.

I’d let that ride for 6 to 9 months. Working. Watching the bank account grow.

Then for my first major stack, it would be Alchemist and Ascended Mogul. Over a 9 to 12 month period.

After that year, it would be time for 4-6 months with Dragon Reborn. Only 4 to 6 weeks per stage on the first run. I think of Dragon Reborn as a title that you come back to periodically over the years when you reach a point of either plateau, inertia, or loss of integrity. So, there would be many more runs with Dragon Reborn still to come.

During that first run with Dragon Reborn, it would be time to review my journey thus far, and to allow my vision for the next phase of my life to coalesce, solidify, and come into focus.

Following that Dragon Reborn review, integration, and transformation phase, it’d probably be time to engage with more powerful programs, like Emperor or maybe Stark. (Still keeping Alchemist stage 4 and Ascended Mogul as part of the core stack.) This new phase might last for 6 months to a year, and then we’d start looking at Customs.

Something like that.


I heard that running Ascended Mogul for 3 months before Emperor is recommended.


Too new for this thread but I’m not regretting my stack so far. The healing subs have been wonderful and EQ and PS are superb.

With that said, if I had more initial budget to begin with, I might have gone with Ascension or AM as my first alpha and then transition to EQ.

There’s been a few helpful members that has suggested this for those interested in EQ. It must be for a very good reason and I trust their experience.


I would heal first with regeneration and or khan stage one or even elixir…


Hey. do you believe starting with emperor instead of ascension for example will not reap the whole benefits of the alpha programming set in emperor?
im also hesitated to maybe switch to ascension for awhile instead of starting straight with emperor


Ascension will get you used to having internal power. You will learn how to use your power properly.
Emperor although i didnt run it i assume the internal power is alot and some cannot use that or cant handle that power properly.


No, I don’t think so. It will just take a bit longer and there might be more reconciliation if I understood the journals and reviews correctly.

If I had the extra funds I’d purchase them both and start with Ascension, I think this advice by other members makes a lot of sense, not to mention I’m always drawn to alpha subs.

I opted to go with EQ directly and decided to wing it because my options are limited at the time of my purchase.

I’d say if you have them both, it’s best to use Ascension first and then go to EQ.

EQ has more scripts and to my knowledge it has all of Ascension and AM, however it also other others in it, and because it’s a larger module, the results would understandably be more gradual.

I wasn’t in a good place, I wasn’t in any hurry, and any improvement in my life is a welcome one, however gradual it takes, so I am happy with EQ.

Thing is, I’m also seeing EQ as a part of my foundation when I dive into other programs I’m interested in.


Why not Dragon Reborn?


Seems abit too deep for a new person i would say…


And later on? After doing Regeneration+Elixir(+Khan ST1).


Then most probably go onto an alpha sub such as emperor and after 6 months then assess and see if you are still stuck mentally. This will guide you to go back to healing or go deeper on healing. On the same note one cannot heal for so long without pushing forward with an alpha sub.
I would add emperor and stack it with regeneration so if emperor brings up some mental shit regeneration can heal it better because its surfacing …


I look at this thread from a place of “what would I recommend a friend starting their SC adventure?”

It is also important to consider that new people in the future may make their choice based on this thread.

So, for a different opinion…

I do NOT recommend starting from Emperor, Regeneration, Dragon Reborn, Khan stage 1, etc.

Basically, anything that can shake a person so much it frightens them away from subliminals altogether.

Saying hypothetically that I would start from this or that is easy, given your current experience. But living it as a newb would be super-shocking. :scream:

Always start with an easy sub.
Anything that produces fast results, while also being gentle with you.
You can get your spanking later.




I started off with Emperor before moving into Limitless and Stark - thankfully I joined just before Stark came out so it was an easier sub to digest however if I was to start again I’d impatiently want to start Emperor or Stark.

In my mind though, following what Simon says, I should start off with something like Mogul first. If I knew what I know now back then - that would be my first pick.


If we were in Pre-Q era I would still start with Emperor
Emperor Q is much more difficult to run and acclimate to for me.than V4

Post-Q era
I would do 1 month Ascension, 1 Month Ascended Mogul, 3 months Emperor. No stacks


Good advice.

But of course, it also depends on who that friend is.

Some people are already living and working hard-core. And are already ‘going through the shit’. So, they’ll hit the ground running. But I’d guess that’s like 5-15% of people.

If I consider my own case, I would NOT start from Emperor. Based on how I’ve lived, that would be too much for me. On the other hand, I could have started from Alchemist. That one would have been right in the pocket.