What would you be running now if you just started your SC adventure?


Ya. This thread is for our anonymous friends visiting this forum. :sunglasses:

Anyone who has been reading my posts, knows what I actually do.
… Goals, Concerns, Action Plans, and all that. :blush:

IRL, I have friends who don’t even know about subliminals, and also those who started subs with QL or Alchemist. :innocent:


Could you kindly refer to the numbers you chose, please?


I would do Total Breakdown, then Ascension, then Ascended Mogul, then Emperor.

But that is on hindsight.


I’d love to but not sure what you mean by numbers I chose…
like why I picked those time frames?


Depending on your current external and internal reality there are various options that are most profound for your specific situation.

For someone who has a lot of trauma manifesting in self-doubt, low self-esteem, etc – go for healing first, otherwise, any of the hardcore titles will take you on a rollercoaster of reconciliation. I’m advising a combination of the new Dragon Reborn with Elixir/Rebirth Ultima alternated and or Regeneration.

For those who have a solid foundation as a person and want to reach new heights, accomplish things, go beyond there previous boundaries of success – go for Ascension, Ascended Mogul adding any of the lighter titles such as Mind’s Eye, Power Can Corrupt, Inner Circle or any Ultima’s as you please.

Then we have a third category, which is for those who have attained a great amount of success in life and desire to take another avenue of self-exploration to go for any of the Major Titles; Emperor, Khan, Stark, and so on, choose your Archetype wisely and match it with your natural personality.

When choosing any of these paths, it is important for all of you to be honest with yourself about where you’re at. If the required attributes are not there externally, do not enchant yourself to think that you have the internal foundation as mentioned. Self-reflection, honesty, and integrity are really important here, you’re will only cheat yourself.


Yes, please. I would like to know your opinion on that. I think a lot of people would. :slight_smile: