Which part of the world you live


Don’t get too cocky😜

Anyway I’m not suprised with your answer since you already commented in this thread without revealing your country. You seem like a mysterious person in that sense, you even had your profile private for quite some time😂


My avatar-picture doesn’t look open and inviting then?

Actually, you would be too if you had a real-life mentally unstable stalker for a while. A private person I mean. Not cocky, that comes naturally. :slight_smile:

It puts things in perspective. Sometimes it really sucks I can’t have the online and social media presence that I want, but so be it. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

A private profile would disable functionality that I need in my position @ SubClub, like private messaging. So I made it public. It does no harm, apart from people wondering if I ever sleep, go out or if I have a computer in my head that’s always online.

Maybe I’m the SubClub bot. Anybody want to subject me to the Turing test?


I live in Melbourne, Australia.


I hear good things about Australian coffee. :slight_smile:

I’ve always maintained that if the national lottery ever comes to its sense and gives me what I’m owed, I’d move to Port Douglas.


Apparently Australia has one of the best coffee in the world. I heard nice stuff about Port Douglas but haven’t been there yet. You should go for it when you can.


Hello I am also from India


From India here too.


Small canadian city, 130 000 people!


Germany- near Dusseldorf


Originally from San Diego California


Where you hiding @DarkPhilosopher? Something tells me United States, or maybe Iran?


What exactly do the US and Iran have in common, besides US soldiers? :slight_smile:


Dictators :rofl:

Just kidding with you


Ah a fellow Canuck! Which province are you from? If you don’t want to post publicly PM me :slight_smile:


Somewhere in the United States.


quebec haha what about you?


Ottawa :slight_smile: But I was born in Quebec City! And I have lots of friends and family in Montreal


Ohhh then you might be speaking french haha


Mais oui je parle francais :smiley: Mais je n’aime pas ecrire en francais hahaha


Anyone living in East/Southeast Asia? Do the seduction subs work well in those conservative societies?