Will Hypnosis Help With Subliminals?


Thank you @DarkPhilosopher

Will avoid the paraliminals as long as I’m running Sub Club-so probably forever :wink:

The Sphinx is truly remarkable-do you think that could be run without ill-effect while using subs?


Hallo Brother.
Are you in the Ultimate Man program?


I pretty much just listen to Mark Cunningham and Hypnotica. Cunningham has other good tracks, too.

The Paraliminals are a variant on dual induction. They do not contain subliminals. Those were my entry way into hypnosis tapes, though I haven’t listened to any in quite a few years.


For me personally, it is not worth the effort.

But I did it in the past with great success


I am not. I have nothing but great experiences
from Hypnotica’s work and wisdom and may at some point join.
Are you in it? If so what do you think?


I did say “sort of”. If you go for Paul Scheele for example, the paraliminals are intended to confuse your conscious mind through the dual induction, after which suggestions are snuck into your head. Which is essentially a variation of subliminals, but without hiding the voice tracks.

But like any program with suggestions in it, I would advise against running them while your subliminal is playing. But running them before or after the subliminals is fine as far as I’m concerned. I too am a big fan of Cunningham, Hypnotica (and Denver Clay).

As for the Sphinx (and the 2012 updated edition), Azriel, it’s called a transformational tool. I can’t tell you if it contains suggestions, since I’m never really alert enough by the second or third level of stories.

In truth, there’s likely no harm in actually running any such audio while subs are playing, it’s simply advised against.


Personal Ecology can be followed along consciously almost like a supercharger? (with no ultrasonic of course) or does it have dual induction/ subliminal in it?


Yes of course.

your ‘missing’ the best parts :slight_smile:

and thanks for the answers.


Personal Ecology for Men does not have a dual induction or any subliminals in either track.

I am not quite sure what you mean. I just let the track put me into a hypnotic state as I listen. I wouldn’t exactly say I follow along.


The last two nights I have listened to Hypnotica’s segment from the “Hypnotic Identity” seminar that Vince Kelvin organized.

Hypnotica just weaves suggestions all through his presentation and in response to questions.


Ive just bought hypnoticas new product Developing Deeper Desire its a hypnosis video that releases blockages and makes you more masculine, trust me ive listened to a lot of his products and this is bloody great


Personally, I am open to listening to hypnosis or meditation where I can follow along.
I don’t want to use anything with subliminals or dual induction-meaning two or more voices happening at the same time, or two different tracks per ear. I don’t want to use anything my conscious mind can’t follow along with, while using subliminals. Not saying it’s not a good idea, I just personally don’t want to do that. So was confirming that was not the case with Personal Ecology. Which I will get and check out this week.


Ok. I get it. All of Mark Cunningham’s hypnosis tracks are just him talking, no double induction, no subliminals.


I am in since 5 years.
Now the group is closed.
Eric is unbelievable valueble and I leard some live changing things from him, and the" master circle "is Pure gold. Subliminalclub should make a Major program out of it. Next next next Level Seduction for shoure


That’s a fantastic idea, there is no reason Hypnotica couldn’t be a consultant for a program for SC.

Also. He is doing one on one coaching sessions I believe, for relatively cheap. I think I will get one.

What is the group entail?


Master Circle is a course interviewing Hypnotica’s friends who are naturals with women.
You got an interview, his commentary of the interview and a hypno tracks. I believe there are at least 24 friends.


Hey @slickman , could you tell me where can I see hypnoticas works? Is it on YT website? I’m also trying to heal old traumas issues etc


The Group is called Ultimate Man
It was for 5 years a live conference every Sunday, where he shared technical, practical, spiritual, nutritional and live advice. Also he show us how to Handel the fuckt up women with ease (he is really funny, he keeps them in his circle to not loose his ability to Handel the most stubborn, disrespectful ones) sometimes he just calls them live over the phone and really angrys them just to show us how you tame a wild women and make her excuse her behavior, and he did it so subtle without force or Negativity.
We had access to live hypnosis specialized for the group.
But what’s really cool about Eric is, is his Big Brother Attitude. He’s always helping as God as he can and it’s pretty effective.
Lisen to his hypnosis in : Modern Day Sexual Men and you know the Level you get,or Masculine Matrix.
In the Master circle he interviewed 24 guys he can put his hand in the fire for,and then he did for every single one a hypnosis track so you can Ingrain the mindset and behavior of the most effective guys(sometimes the hypnosis is 1 hour long)
Long Story short:I am a BIG Fan


Very cool, he seems to have such a high level of personal integrity and commitment to his clients/customers.

I have done Sphinx and Collection of Confidence as well as Steve Piccus and his double induction on confidence for many, many years when I was younger and they paved the way for my journey greatly

Last year I did Masculine Matrix and 7 day sexual accelerator-which I believe is in modern day sexual man, and they were both very very powerful.

I’d also be curious to check out the inner circle stuff.


Hi Sigma yes its on his website im not sure if im i can put the link on hear but if you type hypnotica products its on there i have bought the heal trauma track as well metamorphosis