Will Hypnosis Help With Subliminals?


I’ve had interesting results before from Lloyd Glauberman’s Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) stuff, which is very similar to Scheele’s paraliminals. I do prefer Lloyd’s even though the approach is basically the same.

I definitely agree with @DarkPhilosopher about not listening to stuff like that while subs are playing…though before/after should be fine I think.


I don’t see why not, he doesn’t make subliminals. But stick to the official ones and not any stuff posted against copyright (should those also exist on YT). And no links to “purchase now” pages.

Wasn’t all his stuff removed from YT when that stupid anti-PUA TV thing in the UK happened?

I love those. Don’t know if there have ever been any results, but listening to the stories is fun.

Scheele, Glauberman, old school stuff from the beginning of the self-development era. Then again, I was not aware Hypnotica was still active either.


For me, the 2nd part of the “Money, Wealth and Prosperity” program gave me a “mental download” of what I thought at the time was part of my life purpose. I wrote it up in the journal I was keeping at the time. I just haven’t posted it on forums here since it isn’t really sub-related.


Yes he got banned from YT im friends with him on facebook and he made a big post about it an how is going to take legal action, not sure what happened though. Here is the link http://www.hypnotica.org/products/ i have bought developing deep desire its a hypnosis video about releasing your sexual chakras red and orange and also has pretty women flirting with you on screen :slight_smile: i also bought the metamorphosis audio healing old traumas which i used last night after khan stage 1 feel so much better today


I do think that if the hypnosis sessions have the same or similar goals as the subs, they can work like the old superchargers, where you align your conscious state with your subconscious one. Which may make subliminals more effective.

I also think that if you learn how to put yourself into a meditative trance-state where you merely observe thoughts instead of classifying them, subliminal messages may come through more clearly.

It is a really interesting state by the way. Imagine looking at a traffic light but not calling it a traffic light, seeing the colors and shape but not calling them by name. You just observe, completely open, this “thing” in your field of view.

I suppose that’s what it is like for children before they are taught the words. They just see things with complete objectivity and curiosity.


Denver Clay is very good! Before working with Hypnotica he worked with Richard Bandler in the “Personal Enhancement Series” and many other tapes, using neurosonic technologies to produce deep trance using sound waves. Very good tapes, totally recommended.

As a side note theres an out of print tape of a Richard Bandler DHE seminar in wich Denver Clay and Patrick Moraz (who played keyboards for Yes in the album Relayer) are playing keyboards live during the whole seminar.

Can you imagine a hypnotic induction by Richard Bandler with both Denver and Patrick improvising… and leading you deep inside with music. Its amazing! I still have those mp3 somewhere.


I was trying to remember that guys name yesterday, I remember enjoying his stories very much.
I cant really tell if it gave me results though, it was so long ago, but I get a good feeling by remembering those tapes.

I will get my hands in one of those to test them.


I remember I used to listen to other tracks as well that essentially repeated affirmations all night long. They were meant for use during sleep. I remember the one about becoming zen. It’s unfortunate I don’t remember what they were anymore.


Sounds like Dick Sutphen, maybe.


That’s what I thought as well, but in searching I couldn’t find the audios I recall. Thanks for the suggestion.


This is what I had been thinking of.