Will there be name embedding for major titles at some point?


Any idea on how much more name embedded subs are superior to those without name embedding? I don’t want any numbers just curious if anybody compared them doing a solid test.


I’d be interested in that, also. You’d need a LOT of people testing the same sub, though…Some name-embedded, some non-embedded, and some with just masked noises as a control group.

I suspect that once any one person tests a name-embedded sub, thy can’t further test non-embedded without waiting a minimum amount of time.


That’s very plausible. We just have to wait and see hoping somebody will decide to test it for us. Anyway, another thing is maybe it will work better for some people only, maybe some of us would be not really susceptible to our name in the sub.


Every instinct I have tells me that, for me personally, name embedded will revolutionize my sub journey.


Same here. I’ve heard my custom thrice in the past 24-ish hours and I can feel it. It has AscMogul in it which helps me with productivity. Been productive as fuck today.


You must be in love with your name then. :rofl:


Well, I suppose you could say I kind of… Identify with it, lol.


Cool! :sunglasses:


Any update on when this is likely to happen?



No ETA, but we’re actively working on it.


I don’t think it’s so much a matter of if you like your name as much as if that name gets your attention. Like would you turn your head if someone yelled it in a crowded room.


I think you’re right, was just joking. :slight_smile:


This is #1 on my wish list right now.


I dont know am not that into it, feel like there more to be explore with custom sub, I’ll get back to major enbeded tiles after a long time of running customs


@SaintSovereign do you think it will happen before next year begins?


Something big is coming, it’s too silent from them otherwise.


Yeah, I feel they will knock us down… again :slight_smile:

  • I noticed that too. I don’t think I’ve seen Saint post in the last week or so.


One thing after another eh.