Yardbird's Emperor Journal: Building a Better Life


Same questions from me. As in two weeks I will be getting emperor and want to make sure I start with what’s working for others. Thanks.


@DssMaster Thank you, all the best to you.

@JCast @someairforcedude Thank you. I’ve been listening to Emperor EX since September 16, so a little over 2 months. I don’t have a listening routine that’s carved in stone and I don’t believe it’s necessary. There’s another guy who demands X amount of uninterrupted hours or loops but I feel that such conditions are unnecessary for a subliminal to be effective and are more of a loophole to blame the user when the product doesn’t work,

With that said, I’ve listened every day. When I get to work, I play it on repeat on my iPhone speaker at full volume on my desk. After subtracting time for lunch, meetings and other distractions, I’d say I average 6-8 hours of listening at work. When I get home, I immediately start playing it over a Bluetooth speaker that I purchased specifically for listening to subliminals and I credit that extra quality listening time for a big jump in my success. Since I walk around the house it’s not all uninterrupted time but at least 7-8 hours of it is uninterrupted and maybe another 1-2 hours with me in and out of my bedroom. So overall at minimum I get 13 hours of listening time per day and up to 16. Occasionally because of forgetting, I’ve only gotten an hour or two at work or only a few hours at home.

I really recommend listening to an Ultrasonic version over speakers because being tethered to headphones or earbuds vastly limits your listening time unless you can work all day while wearing them and can sleep with them. It also places the subliminal in the background so you’re not so aware of it. And that’s the biggest piece of advice I can offer. Most of the people on other websites who I’ve seen reporting lack of success with subliminals are the ones banking everything on the subliminal. I just play it every day and go on with my life. You also have to take steps toward achieving your goals. The Limitless module (and later on, the full standalone version) have helped me but I’ve been working at getting better at my job and learning French. Without pursuing something I’m not sure you can see results because you’re taking in information (the sub) but not giving yourself anything to do with it. I could be wrong, though, so that’s something the makers of the sub would be most qualified to answer.

When it comes to women, I was already confident and easygoing (I don’t understand “approach anxiety” because I love getting numbers, even if I have no intention of calling the girl), but I’ve become much bolder since listening to Emperor. But it’s a very calibrated boldness. I know the difference between confident and arrogant, between bold and rude and between aggressive and creepy and I’ve never crossed those lines, so if anyone is worried about becoming someone you wouldn’t like on Emperor, I assure you that your core values won’t be compromised. I hope that helps.


@Yardbird I read on an other forum that bluetooth speakers/headphones might make the subliminal not working. Since you are using bluetooth headphones, could you help me with this?


@Yardbird very cool. I am running both Emperor Ex & Limitless X in a stack. I’ve decided to commit to a year of listening as much as possible. I have it running all the time at home with my tablet on computer speakers and I listen on my phone with earbuds while I read or watch Netflix. Like you I have been struggling at my job. I see several people that have started after me do really well and its incredibly frustrating. I feel like there is something internal blocking me from things finally clicking and coming together. This is a huge opportunity for me which is a big part of why progressing as quickly as possible is so important to me.
A situation there happened yesterday involving one of the top earners that thoroughly annoyed me to point that I’m not just content wanting to be as good as possible but I want to exceed this person and badly.


Yeah I 100% call BS on that. The first subliminal tracks I bought were on cassette tapes, a garbage quality analog format and some of them worked fine. Listen, a guy on a forum I used to read was telling people that they needed $300.00+ Sennheiser or Audio-Technica over the ear headphones in order for subliminals to work and that earbuds and speakers were out of the question. So, if someone can’t afford that, are they fucked? My progress stalled a bit because I wasn’t getting enough listening time because I didn’t have working computer speakers at home and it’s not convenient for me to wear headphones for hours even at home, so that’s why I bought my Bluetooth speaker (I use a Bluetooth speaker for subliminals and Bluetooth headphones for music) and that’s when my progress went into hyperdrive. I had a horrible day feeling very insecure and irritable and after listening for over 30 hours over a weekend, I felt bulletproof. If you’re wondering, this is what I bought https://www.jbl.com/bluetooth-speakers/JBLFLIP4BLKAM.html and worth every penny because I get all the Emperor hours I need now.

I don’t know the type of work you do or how the training is structured, but I recommend picking the brains of co-workers who are already very successful and ask them to break down what they’re doing. What are the best practices. Limitless really makes learning click, but if you’re not “getting it,” then just trying to push through the work anyway won’t work. You need to give the Limitless “learning booster” (that’s what I’m calling it) something to work with. So if you can get people to teach you, you’ll find that you absorb the information and understand it with a level of clarity that you probably never experienced before.

Now, I didn’t turn into a genius and I haven’t mastered my job, but I’ve improved immensely and went from being the team dunce to one of the best 3 or 4 on the team. And that’s in only two months.


Thnx for clarification.

Edit: After some research I’ve decide to buy the jbl flip 4 aswell. Thanks for the recommendation.


@Yardbird I do debt collection. Something I have never done before although I have over twenty years of customer service experience. I got to thinking how I’m struggling and it really comes down to a few things. Knowing or understanding what numbers to call on what accounts. We do outbound calls for the most part. Overcoming any type of objections or stalls and creating a deep sense of urgency and closing. It’s very negotiation and in a way sales based.

I pulled this from my companies site to give you an idea of the opportunity

  • $15.00 hourly PLUS commission. Opportunity to gross $32,000 - $150,000 annually

That’s in USD. I’m at the low end and want to obviously be towards the other end. I know there is at least three people there who far exceed that 150k.
I run subliminals because outside of having ADHD as I’ve discussed previously I was raised by parents both biological and step who either were always talking about how broke they are , filed bankruptcy multiple times, or had debt collectors calling daily or services being shut off. The irony isn’t lost on me that I’m now a debt collector myself.To be honest I think whatever my issues are that are keeping things from clicking is some form of inner self sabotage that’s probably somehow based in the fact that because of how I was raised that I don’t deserve to be successful or make a lot of money


I think that the most common negative baggage most of us got passed down from our families revolves around money and it’s so deeply ingrained in us that it’s difficult to get rid of. It took me most of my adult life to identify and get rid of those thoughts and I still feel a slight twinge of it whenever I think of how huge my goals are. There’s a phrase I heard in a seminar years ago that resonated with me so strongly that I think of it whenever I remember something bad that I’ve done and start to feel down–a mistake, a weakness, a failure–and it’s “That’s not who you are, it’s who you were.” Emperor will help rid you of all those toxic beliefs.

Ask all three of those people making over $150K if you can sit with them and listen for a few hours. Even if you have to do it off the clock it will be worth it. I doubt they’ll say no because it’s a huge ego stroke to be told that someone wants to learn from you. The reason I recommend sitting with each of them is that your line of work requires confidence and very specific tone and language. The three of them are probably different on the phone and not all styles will suit your personality. I went through something similar at a sales job when I was younger. I saw next to two top earners but one sounded borderline creepy and the other was a girl who used her femininity to be “one of the girls” to female prospects and flirt with the males. But I got moved again to sit next to another top guy who was a no bullshit, very seasoned sales veteran and I learned and copied a lot from him and I finally got on the top 10 board thanks to him. I’m rooting for you!


Hi Yardbird,

You mentioned practising ceremonial magick for 5 years in another thread. Do you think that also helped you boost the effect of the subliminals?


No, not at all because I haven’t even used magic in almost two years. No rituals at all since then. I haven’t quit, I just haven’t done it in a long time. I actually have been thinking about it a lot lately, as something that I want to get back into because I enjoyed it and it was still new enough to me that I was constantly learning new things, which is a great feeling.

In fact, there’s a great effect of Limitless that I’m realizing just now from answering your question. It’s making me want to learn things that I had either started to learn and quit (like French) or wanted to learn but never tried because they seemed too daunting (like tarot).

Also, remember in the movie Limitless when Eddie Mora sees the landlord’s wife holding a textbook and he remembers seeing the same book back in college? Well, I’ve had a nagging, burning desire since last night to improve my physical well being, so I remembered that I had a pair of kettlebells that I bought years ago and never touched and a kettlebell workout video. Then I remembered buying this book https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0936197250/ but never doing anything with that either and it just clicked how well the workouts from the video and the exercises from the book would go together to get me in better shape.


@Yardbird I was watching Limitless again for a bit last night and I know that scene well. It’s right after he takes NZT for the first time. What struck out for me is when he’s back in his apartment right after and looks at his place and asks himself " who lives like this "? I have become something of a more organized person in terms of keeping our place clean to build better habits but it’s also kind of a pride thing in a way too. Thankfully my wife and I are both minimalists so there really isn’t a whole lot to clean up and organize but I can see how as my situation improves and we purchase a few of the things we have both been wanting it will actually be easier to keep clean and organized.


Friday I went out with Jen for dinner and drinks and it was very different than expected. She has much more depth than I expected from a girl that young and hot and she’s got the maturity of a woman 15 years older. She’s also been through a lot but she’s not broken and doesn’t pity herself. The last thing I was looking for was a girlfriend, but she has many of the qualities that I desire in a woman. She’s ambitious, very strong, kind and pretty dirty too, which is fun. I’m going to keep seeing her and would even be open to a relationship with her if things work out that way.

Someone else here had mentioned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons in his journal and I have wanted to take lessons for 20 years but either didn’t have a school close enough or couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t get BJJ out of my mind all day after reading that, so I thought about it for a moment and decided, why not now? I know we have several schools where I live and I can afford it now. So I did some checking and found a school that I really like, but I just need to check with the owner to see if he’s okay with me arriving a little late every day because the start times for night classes cut it kind of close with the time I get out of work. If he says okay I’m definitely enrolling!

Yesterday all day I felt unsettled because of all the good things suddenly happening in my life. For me, everything went down the toilet ten years ago and very little good had happened since until the past two months, so the old “this is too good to be true” fears resurfaced and I started to panic that everything would come crashing down. Making more money, meeting a great woman who’s into me, finally being able to study BJJ, working on my book, getting in better shape, it felt like too much good fortune. I had spent several hours out doing errands and unable to listen to Emperor, so when I got home around 10:00 PM , I played it on repeat through the night and woke up feeling strong and clear headed again. I’m going to keep playing Emperor alone until tonight and then I’ll switch in Limitless to sharpen me up for work tomorrow.

Something I have been thinking about that I wanted to share so that others don’t sabotage anything good that the subliminal is doing for you. About 3-4 weeks ago I started chatting in a parking lot with a stranger as I was walking away from a store that was closed. We both like jazz and he (a black man in his late 50s) was surprised that I (45 year old Hispanic) am mostly into old school jazz, so he recommended a new club nearby and I could tell that he wanted to exchange numbers, but I couldn’t pull the trigger because he seemed too high class to want to hang out with me since he goes to fancy clubs, is a retired business owner and drives a luxury car. It didn’t occur to me until a few days later that he was seeing me as someone in his class or he wouldn’t have spent 15 minutes talking to me and saying that I should join him and his wife at the club. I fucked that one up and regret it because it’s hard enough to meet someone who wants to do something besides sit on the couch and smoke weed for hours. But now that I understand I won’t make that mistake in the future and, hopefully, neither will you.

Someone else in another mentioned Switchwords, which somehow I had never heard of, so I checked out the blog post that was linked and picked up this book recommended in the blog https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0008144230 I’m going to read it today. I’m open to trying anything that might help me improve my life as long as it doesn’t interfere with other things I’m doing.


@Yardbird that was me who mentioned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. That’s not a goal of mine for the foreseeable future . I am far more focused and driven towards building stability especially financially for myself and my wife. You mentioned how Limitless will help me with my ADHD .I was at my second job earlier today and I got to thinking about how scary focused I will be the more time that goes by running Emperor and Limitless. Add getting back the ADHD med I have been without for the last couple of weeks and there could be an increasingly scary hyper focus happening that I have always wanted to achieve


Yeah I remembered that it was you, but since you edited the post I didn’t want to name you in case you didn’t want that to be mentioned. But thank you for the original post because I might not have remembered how much I’ve always wanted to learn BJJ!


I practice Muay Thai and BJJ pretty avidly, and I must say that it’s been an absolute game changer in regards to physique and confidence. Cannot recommend hard martial arts training enough.


To avoid confusion, I’m going to write two updates tonight because I meant to write one over the weekend but didn’t get around to it and Monday was very different from the weekend for me. This is for the weekend.

Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday were rough. I couldn’t shake off a feeling of dread because things are going too well for me right now. I worried that my book wasn’t going to be anywhere near as good as I’ve been expecting and that no one will buy it, that everyone at work will find out I’m not very good at my job and I’ll get fired or demoted and that all the women that have been into me will realize that they’ve been slumming with an old guy and turn their attention to younger, more attractive men instead.

Saturday it got so bad that I took an hour long nap in the afternoon to let Emperor work without interference from me and so I could get some peace. That stabilized me enough to be able to go out and do my grocery shopping. I’ve been wanting to get in better shape over the past two weeks or so and when I went grocery shopping I bought lots of spinach and chicken breasts to make salads and I actually read labels to make better choices. I didn’t want the carbs from croutons, so I opted for walnuts instead to add some crunch to my salads and bought light dressing, a first for me.

Sunday morning I still woke up feeling uncertain about my future and having dumb beta thoughts like worrying that if I replied too quickly to Jen’s texts it would make me look needy, I didn’t worry about it because I knew from a month ago or so to just drown myself in Emperor and it would go away, so that’s what I did. I spent some time reading in the afternoon and finally by Sunday night I felt a little better, but still not good.


Today (Monday) was fantastic. As soon as I got to work, several people complimented me on the clothes I wore to today, I recently grew a beard and four women gathered around my desk to tell me how much they loved my shirt, my beard and calling me handsome. One told me that I look like I could be a GQ model. LOL. It was so over the top that I got a bit embarrassed, but I’m not claiming for even a second that I didn’t love the attention.

Work was so smooth, I felt like I’ve been doing it forever. About midday Jen snuck up behind me, put her arms around my neck and told me that she’s noticed that I’ve gotten really good at work and that she’s very proud of me. That meant so much to me. I think every man wants his woman to be proud of him (and we aren’t together as a couple, just casually seeing each other), so even though we’re not deep into the relationship yet, it felt really good to see that she sees me in such a positive light. She’s a great woman: smart, funny, strong, sexy and very dirty. I really enjoy being with her.

My boss asked me if I could take care of something important, then when he started explaining to me I told him “Yeah, I understand.” He said “I love that I don’t have to babysit you. Not like…” and then he motioned towards a few of my co-workers. This amazes me because I was so incompetent a couple of months ago.

Today was a very good day.


For the past two weeks or so I’ve been listening exclusively to Emperor because I’ve been feeling that I need its full power to push me to the top and Limitless is included in a module anyway.

@SaintSovereign or @Fire is there something in Emperor that encourages eating healthier? I ate salads all of last week except for Friday, my designated cheat day (had pizza and garlic knots). I haven’t touched a soda in over a week (I used to drink 2-3 cans per day). This past week I was given a donut and a cupcake and threw both out after a small bite. I was also offered cake and declined it. Today I had ice cream with some friends and felt lousy afterwards for hours; very lethargic and heavy. I went grocery shopping and the processed foods and sweets looked absolutely disgusting to me. I’m really looking forward to my salad for dinner. I’m ecstatic about this but surprised because these are things that I loved to eat just weeks ago. I always wanted to want to eat healthier and now I finally do.

I also think it’s interesting how my health seems to be the current focus. For the first two months it was just work, work, work and it seems that now that I’ve conquered that area of my life, getting in shape feels like my new priority, like working off a checklist.

This next part is the hardest part of this update to write because I’m trying to be as clear as possible without using 1,500 words. Five years ago, a woman that I loved more than any woman I’ve ever loved, broke up with me unexpectedly. It took me a year to get over her and for the first six months I did things and had thoughts that I never though I could even imagine. As a result, I’ve been very guarded with women. I’ve withheld affection and felt very uncomfortable after sex, too vulnerable. I just wanted to immediately get up and leave.

Getting close to a woman, really intimate, not just fucking, was something that I’d sworn off because I considered it too dangerous. I was destroyed by that breakup 5 years ago and I never wanted to let a woman have that kind of power over me ever again. Then one night this week, after sex, I was lying on Jen’s bed and she was sitting up next to me. At around the time when I usually say “I have to go,” she was softly touching my face and I took her hand and started kissing her fingers and told her how much I love her hands. She gave me the most beautiful smile, that smile that a woman gives you when you say or do something that made her unexpectedly happy. And that made me feel so good because I realized that I really wanted to make her happy. Not to try to get anything out of her, but just because.

She asked me very softly, almost like she was afraid to, if I had to go. I said no. I was exactly where I wanted to be. I’ve seen this Bill Murray video countless times over the past few years but I never understood what he meant. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. It’s just a little over 5 minutes.

So on my way home I realized that I finally understand what Bill Murray was talking about and I’ve reached a point where I feel the same. I wasted most of my twenties just trying to survive and lamenting that my life had fallen far short of what I wanted when I was a teenager, then wasted most of my thirties being bitter over everything that didn’t go as planned in my life. Now I’m 45 years old and I am finally getting some momentum in my life and that’s great but I don’t want to bulldoze through every day like I’m racing to some finish line.

The life that you live on your way to achieving goals can be a beautiful one and that’s what I want. Many people will disagree with me and say that you have to be willing to sacrifice and suffer and have tunnel vision to do anything great and say fuck you to anyone who gets in your way and I think that can be okay for a young person 18-25 because we tend to do so many stupid things during those years that speeding through them in pursuit of something greater is definitely better than working jobs you hate during the day and then getting drunk and high every night. But whatever huge goal you have could take 2 or 5 or 10 years (or more) and you will never get those years back. So when I finally reach the point where I can say that I have everything I want in life, I want to look back and think that the years leading up to that were pretty damn good too.

So I want to finish my novel and write many more and I want to publish them and make movies. But I want to enjoy my work right now too because it’s a good job and the money is good and my boss and co-workers are great. And I want to spend more time with my friends and stop claiming that I’m busy most of the time when I’m asked out. I want to spend more time with Jen and see where this goes, If I fall in love with her that’s okay because she’s brilliant and strong and kind and savagely funny and cool as shit and also a sexy, dirty, beautiful whore so if she ends up becoming my queen I’d be very okay with that and if things don’t end well then that’s okay too. I’m willing to roll the dice on that. I want to do things that scare me and things that I’m going to absolutely suck at and things that will make me feel stupid because I lived on safe autopilot for a long time and very little good happens that way. So I’m doing BJJ and also want to get back into archery because I loved it when I was a kid and I’m going to continue learning French and then I want to tackle Japanese.

Shit, this turned out so long! If you’re still reading this (I apologize that it’s so damn long) then I imagine it’s because you hope to learn something from it cause it sure as shit isn’t fun reading, so I’m going to give you some tips that I believe 1,000% are extremely important. They were for me.

  1. If you’re not getting results, pick one thing and stick with it. I see people constantly going from one subliminal to another and mixing 5-8 subliminals from 2-3 different subliminal producers, always going for the latest thing. Listen, I’ve bought 3 subliminals from Subliminal Club because I want to support them, but have only downloaded 2 of them and mostly used just one, Emperor. Don’t leave a subliminal after 2 weeks to go back to another one because it gave you “vivid dreams.” Fuck vivid dreams. You’re listening to these subliminals because you want to achieve real changes in your life so that should be what you’re looking for, real results. Anything else is just mental masturbation.

  2. Write in a handwritten journal every day. Write about what you want to accomplish, about everything that you do to get there and about any breakthroughs and obstacles that you encounter. Any changes you’ve felt since you started listening to the subliminal. HANDWRITTEN! Use pen or pencil on paper. Aside from the muscle memory benefits of writing things down, I believe wholeheartedly that there is power in written word. It’s physical. It’s real. Electronic writing is just zeroes and ones. It doesn’t exist here where you and I are breathing. When you put your thoughts on paper you’re bringing them into the real world and I swear to you there is real power to that.

  3. You have to DO something to get results. You want to learn something? Study it. You want to do well at your job? Identify the people who are great at it and pick their brains and then work your ass off. You want women? Start talking to them and getting numbers. Ask for numbers. Seriously, it’s fun. Don’t be ashamed when they say no. Of course many will say no. Some will also say yes and after a while more of them will say yes, Don’t just sit in your bedroom wearing your $3,000.00 headphones wondering why listening to Ascended Mogul, S&S, Emperor, Primal and Sex Mastery X for 20 hours every day still hasn’t turned you into a genius billionaire fucking machine with a 12 inch cock. The Subliminal Club owners have released some incredible tools for life but you still have to do the work.

  4. Don’t compare your results to anyone else’s. If a certain subliminal didn’t work for someone that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you and if someone reports amazing results within 30 days don’t feel discouraged if after 60 days you still haven’t reached the objective. We all start from different points, different backgrounds, different experiences.

If you’re getting the results you want then ignore what I said and carry on, but if not, just think about what I’m saying and consider giving it a try. Thanks for reading and best wishes to you.


Not directly, but most of our subs will guide you to change things that are needed to achieve what you desire.

Both @SaintSovereign and I noticed the same effect in ourselves, and noticed a common pattern in all our testers - in other words, working out and eating healthily is extremely important for achieving your goals, hence the subconscious making it a priority eventually when listening to SubClub subs.

This was something that is also included in most of our subs, because so many people have similar problems that are suffocating them.

Some good wisdom right there.

Archery is awesome, you should definitely get back into it. I practiced fencing myself when I was younger, loved it. There is something about those medieval style sports that makes you feel good for practicing them.

Sticking with it, writing a journal, taking massive action and focusing on yourself without comparing.

All excellent tips, and beautifully worded.

It makes me happy to see you do so well. Keep us updated.



I agree, I got hurt A LOT from getting close to women. So in my mind now I associate getting close to women with rejection and hurt. Which does not help in real life, because the only way to have great interactions, connections and relationships to women is to open your heart and body to them totally.

This is very wise and very very important to remember. Because really, what is your goal takes you 10 years and you die on the 9th year? There is no guarantee. So enjoy the process.

There is a saying that encapsulates this: “To travel joyfully is better than to arrive.”