Yardbird's Emperor Journal: Building a Better Life


Thanks so much, all the best to you as well.


kind of hoping for an update here :slight_smile:

Great progress so far, I wonder how much progress you will develop!


@refresh Sorry for not updating in so long! Lately every time I’ve sat with my journal in front of the computer to write an update, I get interrupted by something.

Anyway, since I had decided that it was time to re-integrate Limitless into my listening schedule and add Beyond Limitless as well, I decided to stop listening to Emperor altogether to see if its effects stayed with me or faded since I’d been listening without a break for 4 months.

So here are the good observations:

  • At work my boss told me that he had a meeting with an executive in our company who told him that they’ve been talking about him and want to move him from managing employees to focusing on bigger scale projects, so he started assigning me some of his duties to showcase my leadership abilities because he wants to set me up to be his successor. He said our department manager has been very impressed with me so far.

  • A local DJ/producer that I met while having drinks with a mutual friend wants me to collaborate on a track with him. I told him that I’m not a musician and I don’t know anything about the type of music he makes but he said “I just think you’re just a cool dude. Give me a good phrase when you’re ready and come into the studio so I can record you and I’ll build a track around it.” I really want to purse as many new experiences as possible, so I’m down for this.

  • I fucked a 25 year old that I met online a while back who happened to be in my city for a few days. It was a ton of fun because she’s [Moderator’s Edit: Let’s keep it PG-13 ;)] Best thing is I told Jen about it two days later while we had sex and she asked for details and it made for the most amazing sex because I was reliving it as I told Jen and she was also getting kind of playfully competitive (saying things like “I bet her tits aren’t as nice as mine” and “I bet she can’t suck your dick like I can”).

  • I’m still getting more requests from friends to go out than I can handle, but it’s a fun problem to have.

The bad:

Over the past week, I started to notice a decrease in short term memory, lapses in thought (like zoning out for a couple of minutes in the middle of a thought) and what I can best describe as a scattered vocabulary. Imagine that every word you knew was in a certain order, easy for you to find. Then one day someone scrambles them up and now you struggle to put sentences together because you can’t find the words anymore. That’s what I was experiencing. People kept finishing sentences for me and during a conversation with someone in a foreign language that I’m fluent in, the person said “It’s okay, I speak English” because I was struggling so much. As a test, I tried talking (to myself) about topics that I know extremely well and even then I kept forgetting names and words. Before freaking out I decided to listen to Limitless and Beyond Limitless for about 8 hours last night and again for about 6 hours today and my mind is back to normal.

So since I have only been listening to Emperor it makes sense to me for the Limitless effects to fade while the other Emperor effects remain. What puzzles me is why I started to get stupider than when I started. I don’t think I in any way pushed for that to happen because I tend to just go on with my life and not think about what subliminals I am (or not) listening to, but who knows. I’d love to hear if @Fire and @SaintSovereign have any feed back on this. Is there such a thing as “reverse placebo” that caused me to think that I was actually regressing without exposure to Limitless?

I’ve been severely overworked lately and had just taken a few days off, so it’s also very possible that I was scatter minded due to exhaustion and it went away simply because I’ve been resting during my mini-vacation.

So what’s next? I’ll be listening to Emperor, Limitless, Beyond Limitless and Creativity Unleashed every day.


Exhaustion + Reconciliation can cause this. You can be going through reconciliation even though you feel fine.


That’s a relief and sorry for the X rated post. I’ll keep it cleaner from now on.


Thanks for the update @Yardbird I was fortunate to read the uncensored version :angel:

Besides the subs, what else are you doing to increase your “manliness” on a day-to-day basis?


Nothing. I listen to the subliminals that I do mostly to help me with financial/career goals (though one of my goals with Emperor was to get hot women with less effort). I’m not using any other self-help product or doing anything special. Just good grooming and dressing well. Since I got my raise I started buying more expensive deodorant and shoes and using beard oil on my beard, I don’t know if that counts.


It’s alright – it was quite entertaining and I had a good laugh at it. To those who missed it, Yardbird’s been having quite a fun time on his stack. :wink:


@Yardbird I’ve not heard of this one. Is it available through SubClub? Just by title alone, it seems like something I would absolutely be interested in to help me in my goals.


@OmFlux It was the pre-order bonus for Beyond Limitless.


Ah crap, I literally found out about this site a day or two after pre-order ended for that. I did order Beyond Limitless though when I finally joined. Hope that one, or a similar item gets released to the general public at some point @SaintSovereign


I am sure they will release it as a stand alone. Plus it would be cool to see the product info for it.


Rest easy, there are high chances of it being released as a standalone. :slight_smile:


Kind of figured it would since it was a bonus. Only makes sense to release it as a stand alone. Cant wait to see what the product page says it includes in it.


Any updates?


Yeah, sorry! I’ve been meaning to update for so long but keep getting caught up in things. So here’s a quick catching up report.

Work - Killing it. I just had my half year review and my boss gave me perfect scores in all but one category and he said that was only because he has to give me something to work on. He said to keep doing what I’ve been doing and he’s getting me another raise at the end of the year and $20,000.00 for my end of year bonus. When he was on vacation recently a few people came to me asking questions or permission to do stuff and when I finally asked one of them why were they coming to me he said that our boss “said you’re in charge while he’s gone.”

Women - This is a bit of a problem because it’s going better than I need it to right now. I used to work at a small satellite location but our entire little office was relocated to our local headquarters a couple of months ago and the amount of gorgeous women here is staggering. I love women and sex and hooking up with new women and sometimes that can be a huge distraction for me, so I have to be careful.

Creative work - This is really interesting. I’ve come to realize that my storytelling skills are lacking. I write excellent dialogue and come up with great ideas and write vivid characters, but while reading my manuscript I saw some really big flaws (for example, antagonist’s motivation isn’t strong enough to make him as compelling as he should be). I didn’t feel discouraged, though. It was a very cold, analytical realization and I’m excited to know that I’m going to get better. I bought Truby’s Anatomy of Story and have been reading it and analyzing some novels and screenplays that I love. This epiphany hit me about a week and a half after starting Limitless v2.

Kind of a crazy story. A friend of mine was mad telling me that a girl at work was bragging about her and her boyfriend having dinner with me a few nights before. I told her she may have mentioned it but she wasn’t bragging because it was nothing to brag about. My friend insisted that she was throwing it in her face and said “when was the last time WE had dinner together?” So I told Jen how crazy that conversation was and added “why would ANYONE brag about having dinner with me? It’s not like I’m some celebrity” and she said “You kind of are, though. You don’t notice how so many people are always going to your desk to get some time with you?” That insane social magnetism is Emperor all the way because I’ve been a really popular guy since I was in my early twenties, but it got really crazy after I started listening to Emperor.

I want to start Ultimate Artist too, but first I need to figure out how to organize my playlist because I don’t like listening to more than 2 subliminals at a time but I really want to continue with Emperor V3 and Limitless V2 and add Creativity Unleashed and Ultimate Artist.

My life isn’t perfect by any means. I still have obstacles and setbacks and bad days, but I’m really happy. For the first time in possibly my entire life, I’m really happy. I have more security than I’ve had in many years, I have lots love in my life and I’m excited about my future while enjoying my present very much. And I absolutely owe that to Emperor and Limitless.

There’s more but this is off the top of my head. I won’t wait months to update again.


Hi Yardbird,

I have been following your Journal for quite some time now. You have been on Emperor + Limitless for a 10 month period almost, and I suppose that is a substantial amount of time to evaluate the results. Your experience suggests that the results are quite promising.

I would like to know what long-term personal traits did you observe manifesting ? For example, in terms of responding to challenges, goal-oriented behavior, consistency in action etc.


There are a few things but it’s late and I’m tired, but I really didn’t want to forget to respond, so here are the two biggest ones.

  • I used to get very emotional and doubt myself and quit if I encountered a really tough challenge that I hadn’t dealt with before (thinking I’m not smart enough, talented enough, well educated enough, etc). Now, I calmly accept that I have weaknesses to address and ask myself “How can I get better? How else can I improve even more?” Like identifying the flaws in my writing. Instead of scraping the novel or even quitting writing altogether, I figured out what needed to be fixed and I’m working on it.

  • I’ve learned to map out my goals so they feel like attainable goals instead of just wishes. So instead of just thinking “I want X,” I think “I want X, so first I’ll need to accomplish A, B, C and D in order for X to be possible.” I can’t be more specific on this personal matter on a public forum, but there is a huge goal of mine that I want with all my heart but it’s seemed so out of reach that I often felt it was a pipe dream. Recently it hit me that accomplishing that from where I currently am would be nearly impossible, but if I can accomplish three very clearly defined goals then the fourth one would be infinitely easier for me to pull off.

I hope that helps.


Thank you for writing back. I have experienced a similar behavioral change vis-a-vis emotional triggers. Now, I react less and take time to respond to an emotional matter. As for the second, I too had a near-impossible dream, and like you I too have adopted a step-wise long-term approach to it.
I am glad that you have felt a permanent positive change manifest which is propelling you to accomplish your goals. I hope to benefit from the program in a similar fashion by doing the most important thing @SaintSovereign has pointed out : Take Action.

Keep at it.
I wish you great success.


To most readers this doesn’t seem like a very exciting update, but I’ve experienced two huge personal breakthroughs over the past two weeks that I’ve been wanting to report.

  1. I found out from talking to a friend of mine that her husband is an artist who’s been dying to get into comic books but hasn’t been able to connect with a writer. The novel that I’m working on was originally conceived as a two season television series that I wanted to sell to Netflix and then I wanted to write it as a comic, but I can’t draw and don’t know any artists. In addition to the novel, I still would love to do a graphic novel or comic series, so I got very excited and plan to meet with him to discuss my ideas and see if we’re a good fit creatively.
    In the past, I hated the idea of collaborating with people because I was concerned about doing more of the work and having to share 50% of profits. It dawned on me recently how stupid that was because 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing and I realized what a stupid limiting belief that was that I’d been clinging to for so many years.

  2. In the past 5 years I’d only read maybe 3 books total. I never lost my love of reading, but for some reason I couldn’t concentrate and found myself reading the same paragraphs over and over unable to make sense of them. Last week I started reading two books simultaneously and finished both of them already yesterday. I just started another book tonight. I won’t speculate on why I’d been unable to absorb anything that I’d been reading for the past few years but, whatever it was, I’m happy to say it’s finally gone.

Also, a co-worker who’s been in my department a year longer than I have asked me if I would be willing to mentor her, review her work and provide feedback because she would like to be at my level. I felt so lost when I first started this position almost a year ago.

I keep developing new interests lately related to my own self-development and my motto has become “Go with it.” Just jump in headfirst. I very badly want to learn any and everything possible that can enrich my life. I’m continuing to eat better and I’m currently at my lowest weight in over 5 years and feeling better than I have in years.