Yardbird's Emperor Journal: Building a Better Life


As a middle aged homeowner and consumer of many products and services, I get small checks about once or twice a year awarded as a result of class action lawsuits filed against products or services that I’ve bought in the past. They’re always small, usually around $5.00 or less, but around two weeks ago I received one for $17.06 and for some reason that modest amount got me excited because I immediately thought “there’s going to be lots more coming soon.” I don’t know why I thought that, but I did. About a week later I received an email notifying me that I was part of another class action suit and would be receiving my check in a few days. I chuckled to myself and thought “Sure, I’ll take another ten bucks.” Then a couple of days ago I got the check, but it was for $393.45. I was absolutely shocked.

Yesterday I was off and my phone was blowing up with texts from friends at work telling me about several firings at the company, departments merging and/or being dissolved and general chaos at the office. My boss texted me later telling me “Don’t worry if you heard about today. You’re safe and I have great news for you tomorrow.”

So today my boss told me that he’s been promoted to a senior management position and because our department is expected to grow a lot next year, two new leadership positions were created to handle his old responsibilities and I was chosen for one of them. I have a meeting next week to discuss my new role and my compensation package, but I had to share this because I can’t tell anyone at work yet and you guys know better than anyone how dramatically my life has changed since running Emperor and Limitless.

Eleven or so months ago I was a likeable, but fat and broke middle aged man struggling in a position that felt way over my head. Now I’m about to get another promotion and my second big raise in less than one year.

I’ve also lost 40 pounds, cut my TV viewing to just one hour per day (while I eat dinner) and have started meditating again and reading voraciously like I did when I was young, but with better reading comprehension. My life is full of love and friendship and excitement. There’s also a super hot younger woman that’s been flirting with me at work, but I’m not escalating yet because I am adamant about keeping my eyes on the prize and not getting sidetracked by sex.

At this time I am only running Limitless v2 and plan to run Alchemist when it comes out and maybe Ultimate Artist but I really prefer to stick to no more than two subliminals at a time, especially since that has worked so well for me so far,

Comments/Results make no sense and not believable

B-b-b-but placebo tho! j/k :wink:

So glad to hear you benefiting from the program.


Some more good things that I wanted to share.

  • I keep getting so many compliments from women at work like “You look so handsome” and “I love your hair!”, which is new for me because I’m a person of mixed heritage (Latino, Jewish and Black) and grew up being told that I don’t have “good hair” (which for over 20 years I dealt with by just shaving it every few weeks) so it feels weird to now be complimented so often on my hair.

  • I haven’t officially started my new position yet but my new boss is already referring to me as her “right hand man” and yesterday after two of the supervisors who report to her raved about me for helping them earlier in the day, she told me “Thank God I have you with me.”

  • I was inspired with an amazing story for the third novel in the series that I’ve started writing and when I showed some of what I’ve written so far to one of my writing mentors, he told me “Dude, you’re going to be so fucking rich!” and then kept urging me to get a pre-nup if I ever get married again.

  • An old friend who’d moved away a couple of years ago texted me to say he was back in town, so we met up for drinks and he said “You look great! You lost a lot of weight and you even look younger!”

  • On three separate occasions during the past week, people have told me that they thought I was 30-32 years old. I’m 45.

  • A friend of mine told me that she showed a recent photo of us to a mutual female friend who hasn’t seen me in over a year and she told her “When did Yardbird turn into such a fox?”


This next part is extremely personal so I’ve been debating whether or not to post it, but if it helps even one person it will be worth it, so I decided that it should be a separate post.

About two weeks ago I had a very vivid dream, so vivid that it felt like I’d been transported someplace else, had this interaction and then was sent back to my bed to continue sleeping. I was standing in front of a young woman with long blonde hair in a long white dress who was sitting on a wooden bench in a very dark place. There was a gentle light shining down on her so I could see her face clearly and also notice the wooden bench, but the rest was so dark that I don’t know if we were indoors or outdoors. In the dream I could clearly hear her talking to me but not my own voice. Everything I said was silent. In the dream I said something to her and she nodded and when I finished talking she smiled and said “After 600 years this is the first time you’ve surprised me!” I said something else and she nodded very thoughtfully again as I spoke and then said “If they are weak, give them your strength. If they are tired, carry them and if they are enshrouded in darkness, shine your light upon them.” The next morning I Googled the phrase because I thought I was just remembering a line from a movie but couldn’t find a match. I dismissed the whole thing as just a meaningless dream and forgot about it.

About a week ago I was thinking about a friend of mine who’s been struggling very badly lately with depression, anger and overwhelming negativity. I had been planning to dump her as a friend because I’m working on surrounding myself only with positive people, but I remembered the dream and felt bad about abandoning her because I knew she’d be crushed, so I decided to try to help her. I told her that she is the architect of her own misery and that she’s surrounded by people who blindly tell her she’s right even when she treats people terribly and gave specific examples of the many recent incidents where she’d lost her temper and exhibited cruel and vicious behavior. I told her she’s not a bad person but she’s been doing bad things. She told me she needed some time to process all of that and I thought that I’d just killed our friendship, but about 4 hours later she called me to thank me for being the first person to be honest with her like that and asked me if I would help her by calling her out if she falls back on her old ways.

Since then she texts or calls me when she gets triggered by something that someone says to her and I advise her to not give in to her emotions and so far she hasn’t had any outbursts. I notice her smiling a lot and laughing again. She’s begun to apologize to people that she’s been cruel to and they’ve been texting me in disbelief telling me she seems like a new person.

For a few days about two weeks ago I was feeling a bit guilty for being so happy and enjoying so much prosperity while seeing so much misery around me at work and in my personal circle. I thought I can’t help everyone in the world, but I can try to help the people I know. People hate unsolicited advice, but I decided that if the same people who observe how calm and in control I am listen with an open mind, maybe I can help them improve their lives too.

I heard someone in an interview a few years back encourage people to think about what kind of legacy they want to leave behind and I couldn’t answer that. Now I have it. Being remembered for accomplishments or financial success has never interested me–those are things I wanted to make my life and my son’s life easier. What I really want people to think about when they remember me is that I made the lives of the people who knew me better, that I was an instrument for positive change that helped people be the best versions of themselves that they could be. As I continue to make progress in my own wealth building endeavors, I want to start helping others to instead of just being a bystander as people I care about waste their lives mired in anxiety and despair.

I’m not claiming that the dream I had was a message from an angel or anything new agey like that, but I do believe that something–my subconscious, God, the Universe, my higher self, whatever–was directing me towards my purpose in life. For the past 25+ years, I’ve felt sadness whenever I thought of my loving grandfather who raised me because he was such a good man and I felt so ashamed for falling so short of him. I often wished that he couldn’t see me because it would break his heart to see what I’d become. This morning for the first time in my life I am proud of the man that I am and I feel that I’m on the cusp of becoming the man that I always wished I could be. I wish all of you the same.


One of the people who started working in my department at the same time I did texted me after work and asked if we could talk, so I called her and she asked me what did I think she needed to improve and if there’s anything she’s doing really wrong. I asked why and she said when we started about a year ago I was struggling and she used to help me out and then as she put it “I blinked and next thing I know you’re like Jesus and I became invisible. I’m really happy for you and I think you deserve all your success, but how did I end up working for you?”

I felt really bad for her and told her the truth, that she crumbles under pressure, complains about deadlines and often feels like people are against her. She’s already complained to me about three co-workers in the past two weeks that she felt had slighted her. I reviewed the emails in question and found nothing of the sort. I offered to put together a plan with her to help her improve her performance, but she took it badly and kept feeling sorry for herself, saying “No, I guess I’ll never be appreciated. I understand.”

This woman is a very close friend outside of work, so I hate to not see her succeed and I really don’t want our friendship to be compromised because of this. She texted me later and told me she was sorry and nothing has changed between us but she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because she’s embarrassed and thinks I must think she’s a loser. I responded that I won’t push the matter because I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable, but she’s always welcome to talk to me about anything in or out of work.

I really hope she isn’t going to be one of those people that I have to leave behind because I’ve read so many times that as you become successful certain people will need to be dropped from your life. I would love to help pick her up, but I’m extremely disappointed by her childish attitude lately.

In better news, my new boss and I really work well together and she told me we are hiring three new people, so I told her about a young girl from another department whose work ethic has really impressed me and asked if I can promote her and she said yes. I also brought up some duties that come with my new role that I feel are not the best use of my time and she agreed and told me to delegate them to others as I see fit.


Hi @Yardbird,

I understand that Emperor is supposed to help one as a solo entrepreneur who wants to build his empire and Ascended Mogul is more for those who want to move up in their careers?

Reading so much about your wonderful experience with Emperor, it seems that Emperor could also help one in terms of career progression as well as social development?


Yes, it definitely has for me. I also have not experienced people being disrespectful to me or trying to test me. On the contrary, even strangers treat me with tremendous respect and my co-workers treat me with great affection and respect as well.

I feel that Emperor improves a man in many ways in layers and every time I thought I was done listening something new would happen.


Thanks @Yardbird for your jurnal. I’ve only been looking something more about limitless but this is real treat. Your voice for our community is loud and clear. Listen subs , work hard, enjoy … bright future is comming to to you.


That was awesome! I just read it all.

I love this journal. @Yardbird I wish you more and more and more good! May all of this be only the beginning!!!


Thank you, I appreciate that. All the best to you as well.


Since you’re here, any updates to your wonderful life?