Your experience with online dating


Same mix of people everywhere. Doesn’t matter if the “intention” of the app is more serious / exclusive. I’ve done tinder, bumble, OKC, the league, happn, hinge and CMB. Each one has a slightly different spin on how much information you’ll get about the person before committing. You get all the questions plus wall of text profiles in OKC to barely getting more than emojis in Tinder to their CV /LinkedIn on the league.

I admit, being a woman means I have what seems like an over abundance of choices but quantity != quality. 9/10 times I’d rather have stayed home with a novel or Netflix. I do pay to see who’s liked me first and choose from that list.

Introverted so getting me out for something social is a monumental hurdle. I’ve used the platforms more like window shopping in the past year or so because pre-covid I traveled so much for work by the time I’d connect and plan with someone I’d be elsewhere. Now I still do because I barely go out for groceries (thank you mercato and other delivery services).

Most that match want to meet in person distancing and I’m not comfortable. Using my downtime, now that work bleeds into the day, is better spent alone.

There are matchmaking services like tawkify. Pre-covid one of my grad school friends said he got at least one date a month here in NYC being on the $99 “we put you in the dating pool” plan. The platform has so many more women on it than men that it worked out for him.


Also wrt dating age I’ve not seen people have problems dating younger; more-so finding someone within their age range (if r/datingover30 etc are to be believed with a nice grain of salt).


never said online was the only way, was merely explaining the online way


That might explain all those photos on yachts. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think the most effective one would be photos where you’re with friends, especially the female variety. Same rule applies there that applies in general: if another woman is willing to trust you…

I wonder if there’s a similar something for men. Is all we are triggered by a sexy look? Or does it also matter if her clothes are chosen well, if she’s with friends and so on?

By the way, @elementary_vision is this sort of what you had in mind, or were you more hoping to hear from people that have started relationships during COVID using online dating services?


@DarkPhilosopher. Just in general. I’ve been thinking about most of this stuff prior to COVID. Guess COVID was just the nail in the coffin to give up on all this entirely. They really do hook you though with how it’s almost like playing slots. Thinking another match is right around the corner. Yeah fuck it, I’m done.


yeah pretty much fuck it. obewans onto something, ive been thinking a class at the junior college around something appealing to girls like cooking would be the best bet. but of course theres the virus restrictions.


There are also places that will do profile reviews to increase your chances. Like a resume writer, but for dating.