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Friday i knew you were an ESFP I could feel it in my bones :grin: . Its like we think alike brother


infj or enfj
more entj since Emperor lol


Feel like you are enfj don’t exactly know why. You don’t feel like Raphael… But if enfj … how can they not succeed, with that intuitive intellect…you guys bunch of smart ppl🤗


haha thanks man, your intuition could be on.
the E vs I
I can easily be social and have ‘people skills’ and can get energy from social interaction
but I am not ‘people focused’ and get more energy doing my own thing solo.
I’ll delve into it more deeply for myself at some point.


@Azriel i am the same way matey i am not shy when it comes to social situations but I do prefer doing my own thing.



Tested this way for years.



Pretty much textbook. I would do well on Vulcan.


tested multiple times


INTJ-A. It looks like a curse. Hahaha


It’s a b*tch on one’s social life and career prospects.


Can you elaborate? I’m curious to know the downsides of the INTJ type.


Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but…

INTJ’s hold everybody to the same high standards they hold themselves. From friends to coworkers to the president of the world. Essentially even if all your credentials say that you are awesome, you still have to prove that to an INTJ through your actions before they will respect you.

So you can imagine how well a co-worker or junior that slacks off or needs a lot of hand-holding will do. Or a manager that is very good at networking and “talked” his way into the position, but isn’t as qualified as he should be, or tries to micro-manage.

You can put me in front of the queen of England and I will be annoyed if they make me bow because to me she’s a person just like me. I respect a soldier on the battlefield but not the general in his bunker because a leader should lead from the front.

INTJ’s either need to be their own boss or they need to be given a great deal of independence. They will do the same to their subordinates, giving them targets and expecting them to be responsible enough to get there without ever asking what to do next or needing supervision. Doesn’t mean they need to know everything, an INTJ will happily train them if they ask for it, but they do need to acknowledge they need the training and ask for it.

An INTJ also sucks at small-talk. Conversations should have a purpose. So maintaining friendships is more difficult. Sitting in a restaurant waiting for somebody to make your dinner for 30-40 minutes is a complete waste of time. INTJ’s like efficiency.

A good example is Elon Musk. Genius, will get humanity to Mars, but he’s atrocious to work for. His employees work 12+ hours a day, constantly have to prove themselves and he comes down hard on them if they don’t. On the other hand, those that do, he takes care of them, invests in them and lifts them up.

You can read this one too, it’s quite extensive (and it’s where that -A comes from):

In short, the downsides are that everybody has to prove themselves to an INTJ before they earn their respect (it does not come by default) and all time has to be efficiently used so dating and social etiquette is a chore rather than a pleasure.

On the other hand, if you do earn their respect, they are the best people to have your back during the zombie apocalypse.


One of my short comings is I can get extremely emotional when things do not go my way. It can take the form of anger and sadness and it might manifest for days then I am ok again. On days like that I just go silent and spend hours at the gym or book a deep tissue massage. I was at the lowest this morning, after my massage I was back on my feet again.


Mostly all what Darkie said, the main drawback is on the social aspects. It’s quite a chore to reach out to others, since it’s difficult to find someone who talks interesting topics rather than simple gossip about celebrities or things of the sort. Other can say it’s normal for this type of personality to have some mild case of social anxiety. For me personally it’s true. Not as severe, but it’s a small drawback.

Goes in hand with overthinking, hating incompenent authority figures, disdain for social events. Cynism and apathy sometimes, it depends on every INTJ. I relate to many of them, realized it’s normal for me to be way too private.


The descriptions on that website are very well done. Not all such sites are equal in quality. This is a good one.


Can someone dig out that old thread on the relationship between the effectiveness of a subliminal and the personality?

I’m sure some are natural leaders for instance and will do better on an alpha subliminal.


You forgot to mention our dating skills.
Here is for instance our pick up style.


Nice. The dominant process is an internal pursuit of pattern-based insight. An ongoing search and hunt for insight and pattern.

The external world at large, in turn, is systematized to the greatest extent possible in order to provide the most ideal conditions for that ongoing internal pursuit. A shrine, or office, in which to work.

All else would be regarded as secondary, trivial, or inconvenient; a nuisance.

The potential for sentiment exists, but its value would need to first be grasped conceptually or imposed experientially. Once this happened however, it’s likely that the INTJ would develop just as much expertise in the area of emotion as in everything else they choose to master. But it may still (at least until great familiarity with emotional and social dynamics is built up) have a quality of curatedness to it, since it is first being filtered through a rational, objective framework.

Seems like that search for the next internal pattern would be the driving alignment.


My favorite girl I dated short term, was from Tinder was an INTJ
She said she was an INTJ looking for an ENTP…so I told her I was an ENTP :rofl:
then researched it and played the part well. (for the record, my personal integrity in dating has risen since then)

She ran game on my, with Cube and Strawberry Fields, I thought it was hilarious… but played
along. She was very calculated and robotic but in a very sexy eastern European way.

One time after sleeping together I wouldn’t pay her $100 cab ride home and she dumped me…it felt so… transactional to me-live and learn lol


Too much QL not enough S & S