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I always tested intp in mbti, I just took the test and got intp-t.

I was thinking about my type, between ESTP and ENTP… I am probably ENTP (ENTP-A), Don Quixote fighting windmills… but koving a whore is probably a divisive and subversive seduction strategy.


If no one has ever spoken to @user9437773791397760 about types,he
is an absolute savant with this stuff. In the best possible way.


you also have the only user name I cannot think in one thought


I don’t do mbti though, only socionics.

MBTI is practical

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enfj sounds like a good fit if you are leaning towards entj nowadays.


lol-I wasn’t going to say it

seriously though I meant savant in the highly specified knowledge sense didn’t know it always comes with an _idiote _but apparently it does


especially if talking on a forum count as extroversion lol


I think i have a met a few INTJ in my past, they came across as a bunch of tossers.


Thanks for the insult. I’m sure the feeling was mutual.

Moving on…

Anybody think it’s possible to change one’s type? Not just emulate it, but internalize it?

And does personality type influence the subliminal’s effectiveness? I have yet to experience the amazing results that some of you are posting. Change happens, but slowly, like there’s built-in resistance.


Two of the technical leads i worked under, i found out later they were INTJ s they thought so highly of themselves and forced members of the team to work 12 hour shifts like the job was the centre of their universes. It was like if they worked 12 hours then everyone else had to work 12 hours regardless of their personal lives. I took this to HR at one point and later found out that they were INTJ.

Another guys I use to work with was an INTJ. He came across as extremely arrogant and selfish expecting everyone to be at his level. Needless to say i moved on as i could not stand the guy. I am sorry but every INTJ I have met so far has been an absolute headache to get along with.


Depends on how you subscribe to jungs theory, and how he defines ego superego and unconscious.

Similar to how people think drugs demolish ego (ego death), when in reality its just the superego disappearing. Superego is the mask, and the ego is the interpretation and filtering of the unconscious (forebrain/hindbrain).

Sometimes the mask can overtake the ego, this is when the ego is weak compared to unconscious. This can be problematic since the superego is usually molded by society and is stereotypically “Materialistic” “Moralistic” and whatever else.


Personality Type = Identity (Ego), it adapts and changes. Honestly, I’m a very variable person, I can adapt in situations and change my personality accordingly.

I’ve done tests like these but they’re only accurate at present, your results will change according to your life experiences as you’re forced into a new identity. Subliminal’s can cause very rapid shifts and changes in your personality type though. The most accurate depiction of your underlying energetic aspects is through Astrology though.

For example having an Extroverted sign as your Ascendant will most likely make you Extroverted most of your life. Even though you do a few years research and use subliminal’s like Emperor to become more Introverted and self-focused at the end, you’ll turn back into an Extravert.

Of course, fitting your personality type or astrology in relation to your subliminal stack is highly valuable, it’ll feel so natural and effortless.

Anyhow, what sources are you guys using to get this test done? I’m open to do another one and share my type.


This is correct, the ego represents the strongest part of the personality and determines the lettering of the type.


Test done mine is


No. Not to change it, but evolution, even radical evolution, is possible. A bit like the Pokémon about which my son is such an expert. Each one has its own tree of evolutionary possibilities. Or like elements and compounds in chemistry. Various isotopes can be formed by adding energy and other chemical elements.

The final result can be quite surprising and even unrecognizable compared to where one started.

When people are describing stereotypes of personality types, they tend to fixate on default behaviors or lowest common denominator expectations.

There is no reason that any given individual must conform to such expectations.

But I think that no matter how you might evolve in the future, you will always have easiest access to the gifts of the INTJ. Most notably that ease and facility with regard to recognizing and processing perceptual pattern. And also the ability to effectively and accurately apply systems and principles of logic to organizing the world around you.


I’m reminded of the time in my life when I was pretty much the go-to guy that knew ehere all the parties were and had seen the clothes-covered birthmarks on all the women.

I was super-extrovert, but it drained me. I still needed solitude to recharge my batteries. Leading me to the conclusion that we can train to compensate for our shortcomings (the 16personalities website has an online course for each of the personalities to deal with their weaknesses), but the core personality type doesn’t change. When we stop investing energy into our behavior/mask/external expression, we reset back to our core personality type.

Still, there does live a question in my mind if subliminals can do something there. I suppose it depends on where the personality characteristics are stored.

I don’t care where you’re from, that’s just funny. :slight_smile:

It’s like I mentioned, INTJ’s hold everybody to the same high standards they hold themselves, prince or pauper, superior or subordinate. If somebody doesn’t meet those standards, the INTJ usually tries to be polite, but being around that person is wearing on them because they can’t respect them. It drains their energy making them grumpy.

Still, as unrealistic as it may sometimes be to meet the INTJ standards, there are also people that make you work 12 hour shifts while they go home after 6 of those. Those are the real tossers. At least the INTJ will stay for the full 12 as well.


This is assuming that he grew up as INTJ, versus alternative type or weak childhood ego development.


Usually if extraversion is draining an introvert but you still feel good, it is your weak ego (INTJ is Se or Fi). Every introvert is capable of unlimited energy in their strong ego, (INTJ is Te)

Conceptually, would be bringing superego in alignment to ego, calming unconscious, and more ego power to control unconscious.

INTJ need for efficiency, is willing to put up a mask, unless the person is obstructing efficiency for the sake of sociality.


In my own definition, personality represents a set of perceptual biases or commitments. We know that the brain not only organizes our perceptions, it also generates them. It’s more a novelist (actively creating narratives and storylines) than a personal secretary (passively recording the accounts that are dictated to it by its boss, the environment).

Well, personality type is a bit like that novelist’s writing style. Some writers like to emphasize world-building and descriptions of physical setting and environment. Others prefer to focus on character-development and psychological aspects. Still others are most interested in moral and political subtext and allegory.

A competent writer can do all of these, but will often have a kind of ‘comfort zone’ that they start from and then later expand out to fill in other parts. That’s similar to the brain/mind’s personality biases. They’re like an organizational comfort zone. That comfort zone confers a certain style to the narratives, perceptions, etc., that are generated by that brain/mind. Voila, the personality type.

Subliminals also work to influence how we generate and relate to perceptions, narratives, decisions, and so on. So they are working in the same realm as personality.

A person’s current personality set-up is like their starting point, it’s ‘Point A’, and the subliminal then encourages movement and transformation towards your personal ‘Point B’.

There’s this paradox in personal change that says, if you want a person (or a mind) to change, first accept it completely. When it feels accepted and understood, its defenses and stubborn fixedness will lower, and change will begin to happen naturally.

I think the same should apply when it comes to subliminals and personality growth. This may be a principle that would enable more efficient work with subliminals. Meet your personality where it is and help it to heal and be validated. Then begin to carry it to its next, closest logical step of development. Once things are in motion, then you can consider more ambitious changes.

Just some ideas to get it rolling.



It is, in other words, assuming that INTJ is his true personality type.


Is there a possiblity that some may choose a wrong subliminal compared to the personality type?


I’m not familiar enough with the Jungian concepts (I suspect we’ve already lost a few readers over the last dozen posts), but maybe the lack of knowledge allows me to look at things objectively without linking meaning to words. So…

I have never done drugs, but I did a few months ago start experimenting with mushrooms, mostly to figure out what was holding me back by getting more in touch with my subconscious.

Since then I’ve come to see the ego as the fragile thing that is holding this little physical universe together. Hence, “ego death” would be impossible since that would end this physical existence.

Funny enough, since I came to that conclusion, even high doses of psychedelics have been unable to wrest control from me.

To me, ego death is more like the ability to step back and observe my own life as if I was a puppet-master standing outside of my life, pulling the strings.

But I’ll slowly keep increasing the dose and see if I’m proven incorrect or my body indicates it’s reached its psilocybin toxicity limit. Until then, this is probably too off-topic.

They say ego death is the nirvana that advanced meditators work towards most of their lives, I’d be very curious to experience it someday.

And how does one do that?

I suspect that will simply lead to more reconciliation as they are adapting to something that doesn’t come natural. But, as established above, we can exhibit the traits of other personalities if we want to.

To me it’s a bit like a rubber band, I tend to always snap back to my “core” at some point. But next time I venture out it is easier, unless I stay in my core too long.


Which sub matches or comes close to Virtuoso