Your Personality Type


my extroversion has evolved, devolved, and evolved again over time.
As it seems other aspects of my functions have.
I imagine the typing is conditioning and behavioral based over
genetic and biological temperament based, perhaps it’s predisposed but not endogenous.
I have an identical twin and were certainly not the same type.

Anyway @user9437773791397760
while were having fun with this :yum:
good sir, any sub recommendations for






To foster strengths Emperor, Khan, Mind’s Eye and or QL as suggest by Hermit

To address weakness

I would say Primal, sex and seduction, or Primal Sex and Seduction

For the inhibition in Primal, and the social learning, and increase persuasion and relatability of Sex and Seduction

They use this image to keep themselves from having to truly open up, even to close friends. Trusting a new friend can be even more challenging for Advocates.


Sensitive – When someone challenges or criticizes Advocates’ principles or values, they are likely to receive an alarmingly strong response. People with the Advocate personality type are highly vulnerable to criticism and conflict. Questioning their motives is the quickest way to their bad side.


Limitless to achieve career goals.

Natural Leaders – More than seeking authority themselves, Protagonists often end up in leadership roles at the request of others, cheered on by the many admirers of their strong personality and positive vision.

Commander ultima

Too Sensitive
Too Selfless
Overly Idealistic


Some wealth sub to support career and expensive lifestyle.

usually your secondary develops right before teens. Whatever you were in childhood is likely to be your main type.


What’s your resource then? I’m open to test alternatives, as I’ve tested almost every Personality Type of the catalogus, lol! Perhaps I am a Chameleon.

INTP-T, interesting. Have you tested any other Personality Type in the past?

I Am is the most beneficial healing module I’ve encountered with Subliminal Club, really love it in my Custom. It breaks apart any belief which isn’t beneficial and certainly aligns towards the Cores & Modules that you bind it with.

What I love about Khan is that it provides an entire toolkit to transform your Ego. I’m one hundred procent certain that if you go through each Stage of Khan that your Personality Type will be different, it cannot be otherwise; unless it didn’t have a major effect on you.

Daredevil seems lovely, Khan seems Godly and Stark is simply brilliant. How about Khan with Stark, that’ll be Godly Brilliant! Aha!

Curious, are those your types? I matched both of them when I did the test a few months ago while I was using Emperor.

Now it seems that I have converted into Campaigner, which does make slightly more sense.


I subscribe to socionics and type myself ENTP or ESTP. I never use tests anymore, so I wont link them. Each list conflicts with the other, wikisocion is the only official source material.

I use these resources


In all honesty, I’ve tested differently throughout my life,
Those are currently the two most recent ones
I relate strongly to aspects of them

Khan and Stark could be quite the combo, @Badboi was running two of those cores in his custom and mentioned Starks took the light of Khan so switched to a Khan Core but others run both and clearly love the combo.


Thank you, I’ll be looking into these resources.

If I know what each letters stands for, essentially I can put together my own Personality Type without doing the tests right?

That’ll make me either (I/E)NTP so that would make me INTP or ENTP depending on the situation, I’m mostly Extraverted I guess but since most people around my are way lower in consciousness, I’ve strayed away from most interactions besides going out every once in awhile. So, I guess that has turned me more into an Introvert according to the test, but naturally I’m more of an Extravert. Who knows? I actually do like being on myself when I’m researching something, studying or other mind-related activities. I wouldn’t like to study in group for example, only for enjoyment purposes.

But that might also be caused due to being surrounded by under-educated or rather under-evolved lifeforms, although I don’t like to put it this way. Everyone is equally intelligent but most have not unlocked it because of how the current education, political, economic system is setup (matrix).

So with that said, it seems I’m more of a Debater or Logician, which makes sense. But I’m also a Strategist, and I have huge capabilities to make Strategic decisions so Architect?

Anyhow, thank you for the resources, I’m going to have a look into them. Maybe it is time we design a more interesting system :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a very solid combo but also dense and I like to stack Quantum Limitless with it and eventually Mind’s Eye + Remote Viewing & Astral Projection. So I’d prefer to merge them into one Core – maybe I’m going for the the Customized Subliminal option from the general store.


It would actually be between intj and entp. Intp in mbti is actually a judger, socionics fixes this.

Introversion/extraversion is not related to people/social. Jung describes it as subjective (Introversion/Internal), objective (Extraversion/External).

Its good to test out any archetype you choose and see if you enjoy it, is the most important thing.


Enfp Campainer


Makes sense why Stark fits you so well. Honestly, I’ve looked through your journal and quiet a bit of your experiences match with mine. One in particular is people asking me whether I am on XTC when we go out or pretty much in general, and especially when on Stark because my eyes/pupils widen exceptionally, similar to Bradley Cooper in the Limitless movie.

Connecting so many dots, haha, I’m constantly trying to figure things out. What Personality Type would that be ascribed to?

You seem Belgian, Netherlands or even German am I correct in assuming that, @lord.patrik?


Swedish so close. Haha I’m not the only one that people think is on XTC.

XTC brother :D.

The absolute hardest thing for me is discipline. I have a few habits now, Which keep me centered and carefree.

OH yea and Tony Stark is ENFP. Genius.


What subs would you guys advise for entj/estj?


Very interesting.

I resonated with your journal and I’m noticing the exact same negatives; lack of discipline. To be honest, I noticed this a long time ago so I’ve been strategically working around it by implementing habits – ‘don’t break the chain’, and stick to them everyday. You’ll actually end up liking your habits, nonetheless I am unable to stick to long-term goals as my consciousness evolves daily and thus my visions changes on a gradual basis. Moreover I am a Scorpio, they do things in extreme bursts of action, so it’s either all or nothing with them.

Ascended Mogul had pretty much solved this issue, so that’s why I’m contemplating going Ascended Mogul + Stark but Khan also sounds interesting.

By the way, I make friends very easily, ground-breaking ideas pop into my head extremely often and I am able to strategically think about long-term visions but I hardly accomplish them as I lack the discipline to strive forward. As of last year, I concurred this negative trait fairly decently and I do believe if people like us are able to completely demolish it that we have great opportunity for success & growth.

Basically negating this negative trait, will turn us in complete success in all aspects of our life. Feels similar to you?

Try Godlike Masculinity it has helped me greatly with drive, discipline and dedication.


Thank you, both to you and @Hermit for the recommendations.
Maybe that’s why I liked Emperor so much and I didn’t knew it, a proper choice according to my personality.
Haven’t used Emperor (V4) since last March, so I’m excited to see it’s new power now in the Q format.


To compliment strengths

To address weakness -


Yea I started a habit share with a few people to hold me accountable.

Recently starting going harder on business and it’s going better and better. Sold my private mentorship for 2000$, Which is more than I made in a month like all my life.

Yea I make friends and get into relationships easy. Even when I was a insecure virgin girls still wanted me I just self sabotaged when they wanted it.

Do you have a journal btw?

Discipline and habit Make us IRON MAN.

Also I’m a Gemini too


Hmm emperor seems interesting but HOM does too.

What I dislike about my type which is connecting emotionally, but at the same time when I do it makes me feel weak.

Maybe stark and hom then?


For connecting emotionally, You can just start doing Metta meditation to feel more compassion and love for people.

Combine it with stark for insane reactions


I used to have one but I’m it’s unlikely for me to create another one in the future. Nonetheless I share most of my experiences and insights here in the appropriate Threads.

Accountability partners have worked very well for me!


Alchemist will likely do wonders for that as well.
As would Khan and Stark.
I don’t know about HOM-its still strategic-it can ‘vibe’ socially really well but I don’t know if it improves YOUR sense of connection with strength, even though it certainly increases others sense of connection with you

but PCC would likely have you see there is nothing to be afraid of/feel weak about with connecting with others as well. Plus you’d know who not to let your guard down with and who you could be freely emotionally connected.