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@lord.patrik please elaborate on your insane reactions ?


Guess which are my focus subs… QL and Emp


INTJ here too. I always thought there was something wrong with me but it turns out it was just my personality type lol. I am having good results with PCC in respect to social anxiety.


lol-it’s not a bug- it’s a feature .


Lol indeed.

I see you’re infj, I always get along with that type and enfp, entp, intp, probably most N types, even entjs.


I took the test and the test shows ESFJ.


Good for compassionate leadership and administration


jury is still out on that one or enfj

but thank you :slight_smile:

I kind of prefer living in the amorphous zone of ambiguity about it.


feelin special :slight_smile:

and less and less special :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


Between my INTJ and Friday’s ESFP we can’t agree on a single thing. :slight_smile:


Yo Btw just so you know, musk is an INTP


I disagree


WHAT?! The filthy traitor! He told me he was INTJ.

Instant classic!


OMG so fucking accurate


ENTJ here, pretty accurate and funny!


@DarkPhilosopher. I’ve continued to process this.

Here’s my theory (so far): This apparent slow change is not a block; rather, it’s an expression of a certain style.

You have a rational-intuitive, strongly introverted personality.

That combination might make it feel like the change doesn’t happen automatically. But the actual reason for this perception may be that you are less disconnected (or potentially less disconnected) from unconscious process.

So, it’s not technically that less is happening, it’s that you’re able to be more aware of what is happening; so it’s less surprising for you than it would be for someone whose awareness is more remote from the underlying process. When you check a garden once every 6 months, the growth and change will shock you; when you’re seeing the garden all day every day, the changes will seem to happen subtly.

It’s possible that your conscious awareness may have an enhanced (compared to average) capacity to look under the hood and get involved with what’s happening.

This is a theory. Somewhat shaky because it’s coming to me right now.

I don’t mean that you have the ability to just go and muck about with everything in your unconscious. It’s more similar to a submarine or an aquarium; where there is a periscope or glass that allows people to observe deep-sea marine life.

The conscious awareness of the introverted intuitive can (and does) dive deep within and observe in an open-ended way. I think Saint shared that on a previous occasion you had literally spoken back the lines from the subliminal script with high accuracy. I just remembered that, and it supports this theory. This suggests further your potential to be aware of not just the subliminal’s content but also of the ongoing changes within your own deep mind as well.

Okay, great; but on a practical level, so what?

Some version of the following practice could be helpful:

Put your modules before you (mentally, or if you prefer, physically in a list). For each module (or combined if you prefer), consider what it would look like if it were fully expressed in your life. How would your life look? I don’t just mean wishful thinking or fantasizing (though that’s fine too), I mean applying your dominant function: Introverted Intuition, to feel out a sense of how things will be with this module expressed.

My theory is that this exercise will suggest or present particular steps to you. It’s like flicking an on-switch for a certain type of change to happen (the conveyor belts in the factory start moving). It’s plugging in your conscious awareness to the subconscious change process.

It’s also sending a strong message from your conscious awareness to your subconscious that ‘Okay, I’m willing to cooperate with you’. I think that for some people (possibly people like you) this kind of intentional agreement or permission-giving may be a more important factor; because they have a stronger ability to regulate what is allowed in from the subconscious. So they have more of a choice. That’s not a negative thing, the choice can work both ways, letting things through or stopping them at the border (yikes, cringe-y metaphor).

It would probably evolve into an ongoing thing, this kind of checking-in. Sort of like looking out the window to check the weather and decide what clothes to wear that day. But this is looking inside at the weather.

(obviously, disregard this if it’s not timely or useful)


You could very well be right. And even if you weren’t I’d like to believe the line of communication between me and my subconscious is a lot more developed. I actually experience something similar when doing energy work, where it works against me since I tend to perceive all energy as my own, thus not being able to discern between different objects.

I’ll give your advice a try, thanks!


Been thinking more about this too. Personality type influences subliminals’ effectiveness because it impacts a) what you’re open to, b) how you see the world and what you believe (i.e., how you organize your perceptions, and c) what you’re likely to do, the actions (and reactions) that you’re likely to take. All of those things strongly impact subliminal effectiveness.

I’ve been here on the forum and using Sub Club subliminals for just over one year.

I started out with my Wish program, Ecstasy of Gold. I have a stable commitment to the goals associated with EoG, but as far as clear, powerful actions? Still figuring that out. I realized, over time, that this is going to be a process. So I’m still working with it now.

(I feel very confident though that after all of this time with EoG, once my actions click in, the ‘take-off’ is going to be very powerful indeed.)

With Mind’s Eye Terminus 2 I’ve also had kind of subtle results. I sense that something powerful is happening, but it’s not obvious what it is. (like becoming aware of the movement of the planet you’re standing on)

In contrast, as soon as I started to play Alchemist stage 1, I felt powerful, immediate, and obvious impact. This has been the program for me. Overall, I just felt empowered. It was something of a trailer effect. It has not just been on overdrive every day since then. The engine calmed down, but it’s still purring and I can feel the movement. What’s more, in addition to its own effects, Alchemist also seems to enhance the results of any of the other subliminals that I’m playing.

I consider Alchemist as my program. And I think that lines up pretty precisely with my dominant Function as an INFP, Introverted Feeling. Seems like Alchemist is compatible with my psychological blood type. Easy for my system to accept. Point is, that gave me a very clear demonstration of how subliminals and personality work together.

Same thing’s happening with a Terminus2 build custom I’ve made that has Regeneration and Blue Skies. I’m experiencing immediate effects. As in 5-10 minutes after pressing play. That fits with my personality too.

So, I’m thinking an analogy is that personality is like the road on which the subliminal car is driving. Bumpy, dirt road with boulders and potholes equals slower progress. Smooth, wide, modern road, and that car can just let loose.

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Not to appropriate you, but if you could analyse alchemist in relation to other subs and modules that would be a great source of information to read. I imagine something like “Atman was inspired by the reasearch during the production of alchemist”.

Which road is better when it rains or the funding disappears :wink:


I chose my name @Malkuth because in studying Qaballah, I found that a major life project for me is expressing ideals and higher plane stuff in practical ways in my lived experience. Building the kingdom on earth.

I saw that the founders here were named @Fire and @SaintSovereign. I didn’t quite realize that Fire also had the name Malkuth. Though if I’d paid closer attention that would have been obvious. Otherwise, I’d have chosen a different name. (Maybe Sandalphon or Builder or something else).

Point is, I have no idea what research led to which modules or programs. I’m not associated with the company in any way other than buying and admiring the products. I can intuitively reflect just as can anyone else; but I have no inside information.