Your results with Ascension?


You make that sound like a bad thing


Being blunt can be a really good thing and it’s actually becoming a lost art. Rarely do you find someone who is good at being blunt and also effective at getting their message across in today’s society. There is a fine line between being blunt and being arrogant. Successful people in business and entertainment use their bluntness and their charisma to effectively gather support. Bluntness is not being negative, it’s being honest, but also providing feedback that will help others. Being blunt at the wrong time or place can get you killed. People are so insecure that they may take someone who is blunt to the extreme as far as reaction. When I use Ascension, my body language lets others know not to mess with me. I used Ascension and one loop of Quantum Limitless stage 4 to get an edge right before a professional meeting. I was very blunt at that meeting, but in order to get the results I wanted, with those people, I needed to be blunt. I was able to do that at the right time throughout the meeting and also the level of bluntness was appropriate.


Only bad when you are around Karen’s or people at work who like to complain or report you for BS, that’s when ascension’s double edge sword of blurting things out can hurt you


Then you have misunderstood what I wrote.

""Not to my satisfaction, it doesn’t.

Media types are not exactly well know for understanding science even those billed as “science correspondents”. Any thick [edited] can be journalist, to really understand it would take another scientist.

Secondly we don’t even get a detailed examination of the methodology.

Thirdly, I am not accusing you of being a mad axeman unless there is something you want to confess to…

And I know there is another study that you can pull out that purports to point out that heavy metal listeners are “well adjusted”.

But well adjusted to do what, exactly? To put up with 70 year olds throwing a tantrum like a two year old?

You are in your early 50’s, you have been listening to heavy metal for what, the past 30 years and your life is not exactly where you want it to be.

And you are claiming that repeated listening to this sort of thing and singing along with it doesn’t enter your mental space and has no detrimental effect?""

The first four paragraphs are pointing out the clear and obvious deficencies of the article you linked to.

The next four paragraphs point out that the other study you have linked to in the past is that being “well adjusted” is not necessarily a good thing.

You are so well adjusted you put up with some stupid old person behaving like a toddler. You need to consider that a less “well adjusted” person would simply not put up with shit like this. And would either change the old person into behaving more properly or change the situation where they didn’t interact with the old person.

So I am not saying that listening to that sort of lyric makes you violent, I am actually saying the opposite. That sort of lyric makes you the sort of pliable type that meekly accepts the vicissitudes of life quietly accepting their lot and never raising a fuss.

You claim it is cathartic, and indeed you may well find it so in the same way that the awkward use alcohol for social interactions find the first two or three calming without realising what harm it is doing to their bodies or their mental well being using such a crutch.

I put it to you that this sort of lyric is akin to negative self talk.

And has the same sort of bad effect.

If my argument is wrong then kindly point out how and why this is so.


It would be very difficult to prove this ‘argument’ either correct or incorrect.

No terms have been adequately or clearly defined. (i.e., ‘negative self talk’)

No specific mechanisms of effect have been sufficiently described. (i.e., the processes by which negative self talk operates, the limitations of negative self talk, and the provable effects of it.)

No data has been provided. (i.e., a quick search yields a variety of more rigorous, peer-reviewed reviewed references that corroborate or at least support the assertions in the more popular-styled article that was originally linked. Where are the contrasting data that support your own assertions? In fact, there actually are a couple of references, but have you looked at them?)

To me, your post seems basically an invitation to engage in rhetorical competition.

Such competitions are generally decided more by the factor of ‘Skill in Rhetoric’ than by accuracy of assertions/conclusions.

One request: If you guys and others do plan to get into this topic, maybe start another thread for it? Unless you have some clever way to tie it into Your results with Ascension.


/large snip/

To quote you

“” Haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s definitely hardcore Shadow Work""

How do you know?


Personal experience.

Can discuss more in another thread if you’re interested.


This is true, and we need to fight it. The only way we can do that is by being unapologetically classically masculine in a very positive way. Ascension is a great tool for getting to that.


Very interested. Where?